NEWS FLASH: The Shuttle Program Continues Frabill’s space age ice fishing Hard Top Shuttle takes over where NASA left off

 Jul 5th, 2011 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Jackson, Wis. – No, it doesn’t carry solid and liquid fuel rockets. Nor are helmets and spacesuits required to “fly” it. You can, however, fill the storage compartments with Tang and squeezable food tubes from your friendly neighborhood military surplus store. More than likely, though, you’ll be loading the custom compartments of Frabill’s breakthrough Hard Top Shuttle with a flasher, underwater camera, rod and reel combos, livebait, and a day’s worth of rations.
Companies have tried and failed to develop the perfect mobile ice fishing storage solution for years. The goal has always been to build a compartmentalized sled or transport that was truly functional, practical, and with universal appeal and application. After a rigorous and academic research and development process, Frabill nailed it. The Hard Top Shuttle is a first in the ice fishing industry: the perfect gear tote.
Like a premium fishing boat, the Hard Top Shuttle features customized storage compartments for your essential gear. Right off the bat, there’s an integrated rod locker that stores and protects up to 8 (Recon Shuttle) or 10 (Trekker Shuttle) rod and reel combos. That level of protection against snapping rods alone is worth the investment. Moreover, anglers will appreciate having immediate access to the right rod for the right job.
The compartmentalization continues… Open the front hatch of the Hard Top Shuttle for quick access to your electronics. On the opposing side, there’s a custom cut opening that acts as a receiver for any old 5-gallon bucket. Or better yet, Frabill’s very own 6-gallon Sit-N-Fish, which plays the role of both an insulated bait bucket and padded seat.
A separate center compartment was engineered for storing tackle, ice fishing tools, bait, handheld GPS and cell phone. And the hard top lid for the center storage is molded to organize quick-access items such as go-to lures, small bait containers, clippers and pliers. All lids on the Hard Top Shuttle are rooted on strong and durable metal hinges.
The Hard Top Shuttle is available in two sizes for total individualization. The Recon Shuttle offers 10.5 cubic feet of storage at a total weight of a mere 31-pounds. Complete dimensions are 50-inches (L) X 30.5-inches (W) X 13.5-inches (H). The meatier Trekker Shuttle boasts 13.7 cubic feet of storage, with full figured dimensions of 58-inches (L) X 33-inches (W) X 13.5-inches (H), yet still weighs in at only 38-pounds.
Both Hard Top Shuttle models are easily towable by hand, but can also be fitted with Frabill’s Shelter Towbar to pull with a snowmobile, ATV or UTV. Size-wise, both units will fit in the box of a pickup truck and backend of most SUVs.
The Hard Top Shuttles are so game changing that we expect NASA to rejoin the space race…perhaps even the Russians, too.
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