National Youth Ice Fishing Season Dates

 Nov 18th, 2014 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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                     “Little League” Fishing Coming to a Frozen Lake Near You –
                                    Youth Ice Fishing Season Dates Announced

Wayzata, MN – Baseball has Little League, Hockey has USA Hockey, Soccer has the US Youth Soccer Association, and now fishing has the American Angler Leagues.  Prior to last year, fishing has been without an organization that supported and helped communities build youth fishing associations similar to other sports. 

Youth anglers across the country will have the opportunity to compete in a youth ice fishing season this winter.  Starting on January 1st, 2015 kids can earn points for going ice fishing and catching fish on any frozen body of water.  Last season, Minnesota youth anglers were the first to compete in a youth ice fishing season using a point based scoring system which rewarded kids for ice fishing and catching fish through the ice.  The anglers earned plaques, certificates, and other awards for their success! 
The American Angler Leagues’ introduces fishing to children in a structured environment similar to youth sports.  “We believe that in order for children to become lifelong anglers, they need continuous opportunities to fish while they are young.  They also need someone to teach them how to fish and then take them fishing” states founder Kolt Ringer. The model relies on encouraging experienced anglers to recruit and fish with non-experienced angling families. 

The competitive ice fishing season is open to boys and girls between the ages of five to seventeen.  Anglers will be allowed to fish anytime on any frozen lake or river from January 1 – February 28, 2015.  Coaches and parents will be able to set up times to fish that work for their schedules.  They can also schedule tournaments and group outings   in their respective regions to make the season more fun.

“Last season was a great experience for Bode and myself.  We love to go ice fishing together, but it was even more fun to have Bode fishing for points.  It gave him some extra motivation to get on the ice and forced us to schedule more time ice fishing!” stated Mike Beighley, who coached his son Bode to a third place trophy in Minnesota last year.   

“For countless families, winter is a time when their attention turns to the ice rink or basketball court,” said Michelle Ringer, American Angler Leagues’ Director of Marketing. “We’re excited to be able to introduce ice fishing as a fun, structured, competitive activity for families to participate in this winter.”

Families can register any time online at www.littleleaguefishing.com.

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