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 Jan 31st, 2008 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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MuskieFIRST welcomes Jason Sloan of Badfish Outdoors, here to talk not only about Badfish Outdoors but also row trolling in Northern Wisconsin Slamr: thanks for joining us tonight Jason J_SLOAN: Thanks for having me guys J_SLOAN: I’ll try to be quick Vince_Weirick: How much time do you spend editing compared to videoing? kreegz: jason. i know you guys roll troll quite a bit… have you been trolling in the early months more or just as much as in sept/oct. J_SLOAN: 50/50 filming to editing Border_Patrol: Really? J_SLOAN: best month for us rowing is June Pointerpride102: Hey Jason…I noticed a lot of close up shots on the newest dvd….do you do that intentionaly to get the feel like we’re there? J_SLOAN: trying to mix up camera angles, ended up working dipone: what type of water do you target in June? I assume this is because the baitfish is riding high? Vince_Weirick: How much filming does it take for an hour worth of “good” footage? J_SLOAN: June we target big cisco lakes. still cold water, with the warm water up top. that’s where the ski’s are, much more easy to target J_SLOAN: 20 hours for an hour of good footage kreegz: jason, is there a date or anything scheduled for the release of Icemen2 J_SLOAN: Icemen2-hopefully this summer J_SLOAN: Lots of mid 40inch pike on Icemen II kreegz: nice pro_edge: after watching your video I understand why you are scared of lightening dipone: who are some of the funnest people to be out fishing with? Do you guys film with any other WI guys or just guides in MN? J_SLOAN: I hate lightning Bret_Wold: Where is the best place to get your new DVD? pro_edge: you might be the smart one in that boat kreegz: mark and Gordy stuck it out an hour longer than i would have J_SLOAN: Thomas, Grant, Hoppe, Luke, our crew, all fun to film with. pro_edge: do you have any advice for amature video guys? J_SLOAN: New dvd is at Thorne’s and RolliesBallistic: What motivated you to begin shooting the video series? J_SLOAN: Thought we had some cool things going on while muskie fishing, thought others might enjoy watching Border_Patrol: How have your views changed after a few years of it? J_SLOAN: views havent changed, except the hope of making money at it. Thats out the window : GotOne: What is the biggest WI fish that you guys got on film form all of the videos? J_SLOAN: for the record…had a ball filming with Cady this year Slamr: What have you learned over the years that you apply now that helps you guys to keep shooting better and better video? Ballistic: Do you hit the water with the intent of ‘getting a segment’ for the next video, or… J_SLOAN: Biggest WI fish off the top…50.5 J_SLOAN: Learned-Peak times need to be fished hardBorder_Patrol: What would you have done differently? J_SLOAN: Yes, our mentality when we hit the water is to get a segment. If we get 2 42″ we view it as a failure, which is very unfortunate J_SLOAN: Done differently – Taken up tarpon fishing AWH: How many bulldawgs were injured during the filming of MMIII???Border_Patrol: Good call. Ballistic: what equipment are you using, not brands, just in general so folks get a feel for what the process requires J_SLOAN: we go through over a hundred dawgs a year Vince_Weirick: any advice for someone starting out filming? J_SLOAN: we shoot on canon xl-1s J_SLOAN: the first thing in starting out filming is having someone film.not fish and pick the camera up when a fish hits, that doesn’t work, but film ALL the time Bret_Wold: If you could recommend one lure for row trolling, what would it be? J_SLOAN: lures change by year, which has always amazed me. to pick one for n.wi would be the old m9 grandma. Slamr: how many hours on average would you say you put into filming the short segments we see on a video such as Musky Madness III? J_SLOAN: depends on the fish. all of our segments are filmed that day, so if they bite hopefully one evening of filming Border_Patrol: What is your favorite thing to film? Border_Patrol: In the U.S. J_SLOAN: favorite thing to film…. montana mule deer and duck hunting, hands down pro_edge: do you see videos become more of an internet thing or is dvd style still the future? Vince_Weirick: what do you consider a success while filming? J_SLOAN: the push to internet video is going to be big, i think. J_SLOAN: filming a multiple fish day, a big one thrown in, and good banter from positive, humorous people Vince_Weirick: How big is big for you? J_SLOAN: depends on the area. upper 40’s for us in Vilas is pretty good. MN/Canada is different Vince_Weirick: What was your best day filming? Border_Patrol: Do you feel your method of fishing is the best way to catch the biggest fish north of Hwy 8? J_SLOAN: Best day filming muskies/ Let me think… J_SLOAN: Lot’s of em, hard to pick one Vince_Weirick: what is your biggest on film? J_SLOAN: Rowing might be the best way to get a big fish up in the no-troll zone. Not sure if any true giants were caught up there recently though….:) Vince_Weirick: what is the most? Pointerpride102: Did you guys notice the quality of bulldawgs go down throughout the season (getting softer)? J_SLOAN: I think it was an 8 fish day.. Biggest was a 52 with GT netman: It’s an age thing J_SLOAN: Innovations had some quality issues that have been addressed Slamr: You guys do catch a lot of baits on bulldawgs, what have you seen as the “most” effective presentation with larger sized dawgs and other big soft plastics? J_SLOAN: on a bulldawg….the best presentation is a sweeping pull, reel up, sweeping pull, repeat Elby: Jason – is it still possible to get Ice Man 1? Border_Patrol: What brought you to Wisconsin? J_SLOAN: we have some Icemen left in vhs GotOne: What has been addressed on the dawgs? Are they making them similar to the way that they used to? J_SLOAN: the rubber will hold up better, heads won’t pull GotOne: good Iowa_Muskie: that will be nice Border_Patrol: I heard you have a deep family history of guides up here. J_SLOAN: Border Patrol thinks I’m MexicanPointerpride102: Did you ever consider switching brands of soft plastics? Ballistic: You aren’t?? Border_Patrol: I tried to do a 10-99 for him, had a hard time locating his real name. J_SLOAN: we’ve tried other brands of plastics, the catch is if they’re too tough, the bait gets stuck in teeth and hookups go down. Pointerpride102: interesting Ulbian: Besides hitting peak times, what else are you doing to put the “puzzle” together to have a good filming day? Previous fish contact? Relying on a good bst? Plain dumb luck? a little of everyting? netman: so the softer the better? J_SLOAN: I make killer venison fajitas steve Ballistic: I have heard that J_SLOAN: ulbian…we watch moon phases and weather, nothing new really, just the opportunity to hit the lakes at the drop of a hat kreegz: jason, what would you suggest to a guy who wants to get into deer hunting. kreegz: i really need something to do in the winter… J_SLOAN: start scouting now for deer. helps pass the winter. also get a good rifle and shoot a lot Border_Patrol: Of the major row trollers, the common theme is later the better, November 30th and so, what makes you different…beside the obvious? Tuffdaddy: Do you ever run soft plastics row trolling? Tuffdaddy: Joes or twin finskreegz: not sure if this was asked… but jason, what do you think about the new opening day fishing law? J_SLOAN: I hunt in the fall, so no fishing. most people just dont think big muskies are suspended/deep structure right away in fall. we had 2 fifties on june 12 in vilas one year out deep. J_SLOAN: joes are much better than twin fins for some reason kreegz: jason, any chance we could see a BadDeer video? Buck Madness? J_SLOAN: the new opening day fishing law…not going to touch that one here 🙂 J_SLOAN: working on the hunting video, coming along nicelykreegz: awesomeBallistic: Please describe the perfect row trolling outfit for us, boat, gear, everything… Got_Esox?: yes, the ultimate row trolling setup netman: Most of us need the excersize Border_Patrol: Who would make a better row troller: Lance Armstrong or Chuck Liddel? J_SLOAN: I love the tuffy hull, in a 14′. this allows a 15-20 horse engine to outrun lightning. downeast rodholders for the down rods, scottys for the boards. long rods, diawa lc’s, grandma baits… J_SLOAN: a radio tuned into some Hank III and your ready Slamr: is there a way, in your opinion, to look at a given body of water, say in Vilas County, and be able say there is a better or worse chance at that good open water, suspended bite? Ballistic: oar length? J_SLOAN: slamr-not really a way by looking at a map. Time out there, and they cycle through netman: You roll troll a 14ft tuffy? Your da Man J_SLOAN: 8′ fiberglass oars. snapped too many wood ones and the price is similar Slamr: what gives you the confidence to start working a lake for suspendos, or is it just confidence from experience on other lakes? J_SLOAN: used to row an old 680t ranger Got_Esox?: would the row troller have a staionary row seat or a sliding version? Tuffdaddy: How fast do you row that sucker? Pointerpride102: Row troll any BIG water Jason? netman: I see your point J_SLOAN: If there are ciscos they will suspend. good deep structure is good too Border_Patrol: Yeah Jason, what kind of seat do you use? J_SLOAN: stationary seat Border_Patrol: Yeah, but what brand? Border_Patrol: For the front rower? J_SLOAN: brand of seat? i think its a coleman cooler kreegz: what brand of beer in the cooler? Ballistic: High tech, there… J_SLOAN: big water – as big as we have Border_Patrol: Corona or Dos XX I’ll bet. J_SLOAN: blatz/stroh’s/old style Got_Esox?: When do you row troll TOPWATERS? Border_Patrol: What is the single biggest key to successful row trolling? J_SLOAN: I like the cooler as a seat because it can be moved to accommodate different rowing styles. J_SLOAN: topwaters work great J_SLOAN: earlier in the season Slamr: do you guide outside of just the row trolling? J_SLOAN: bouncing structure adjacent to ciscoes J_SLOAN: I guide trophy bass too rob_s: What is your ideal speed for row trolling crankbaits? Nut: Do you troll troll for Bass? Ballistic: How would one reach you to hire you for a day of Muskies or Bass? Border_Patrol: Jason has some awesome bass fishing, both species! netman: There ya go Pointerpride102: If someone wanted to hire you to roll troll Green Bay, would you do it? J_SLOAN: 2-3mph J_SLOAN: [email protected] Slamr: if there was just ONE bit of advice you would give to newer muskie fisherman, what would it be? J_SLOAN: I would never row troll on GB unless the motor blew up Slamr: if you could troll legally in N.WI, would you? J_SLOAN: if i could legally motor troll in vilas i’d be dead from inhaling motor fumes in 2 years Got_Esox?: True kreegz: and be broke from spending money on gas Slamr: how do you feel about the recent debate about trolling in N.WI? J_SLOAN: advice-lots of time on the water netman: come to Pewaukee Merckid: just need a four stroke J_SLOAN: true, my gas mileage rocks Nut: Jason, After looking at the Muskie Madness III video I noticed the label on it talks about Nuskie Madness… Just wondering what a Nuskie is? kreegz: I noticed that team_rhino: Are there many people rowing the same lakes you do? J_SLOAN: i hadn’t actually heard of a recent trolling debate up here, but my personal belief is open it up, limit lines and harvest J_SLOAN: not many rowers up here team_rhino: Do you feel all lakes have an open water bite? netman: Are you coming to Milwaukee?J_SLOAN: Ive rowed small pan fish based lakes and done very well, so yes, i think all lakes do J_SLOAN: pretty sure we’ll be in Milwaukee Got_Esox?: Jason, what is you next film project? J_SLOAN: late season for me is august, favorite lakes are in vilas and oneida county Border_Patrol: Will it be available in Espanol? netman: Are you coming to the Swap? kreegz: jason what was your favorite muskie of all the muskie madness movies?J_SLOAN: here we go again with the Spanish jokes J_SLOAN: I like muskie town the best Border_Patrol: It was just a question! kreegz: i like chad cain’s garage the best J_SLOAN: what did everyone here think of muskie town? its been a bomb as far a sales go… Nut: Being that you have fished and filmed on water across north america do you believe the same things will work everywhere or will the suspended Bull Dawg bite not work on some water and the top water bite? Border_Patrol: When you guide, what does your typical trip consist of? i.e. times, tactics, etc. kreegz: i think its great Pointerpride102: I thought it was good Merckid: Muskie town I thought was the best kreegz: i’ve watched all your dvds like 30 times each … at least… team_rhino: I watch MT weekly during the off season…just last night in fact. The best yet J_SLOAN: i think that, for instance, in mn and ont. they eat bucktails and topwater like crazy, so why thow a bulldawg? Nut: Why do you think that is? Strain, conditioning? Border_Patrol: I liked the new one the best, I think the Minocqua boys deserved the majority of the movie space, very good anglers. J_SLOAN: typical guide day (full) is 4am to 9am, then 5pm to 11pm. rob_s: row trolling—-flurocarbon or solid wire J_SLOAN: flouro J_SLOAN: mn fish just like the blades kreegz: Jason theres a question i have for you, what does mark lajuewski use for his leader… looks like he’s always using floro Iowa_Muskie: bring your dawgs down here our fish like them J_SLOAN: I believe he ties them in 100lb Slamr: In your opinion, how does the muskie fishing in Vilas County rank last year, and recent prior years, to say 15-20 years ago? And what do you think this is attributed to? J_SLOAN: average size going way up. more cpr attitude. long way to go, still LOTS of single hook guys for 2 months in the fall Bret_Wold: have you ever tried row trolling outside of WI? J_SLOAN: if motor trolling is legal i wouldn’t row troll. Just being honest J_SLOAN: so no rowing outside wi Border_Patrol: There is a long line of successful anglers in the Sloan bloodline is there not? J_SLOAN: there probably are in everyones bloodline J_SLOAN: years ago Nut: Is Muskie Madness 4 going to happen? Border_Patrol: What’s in store for 2008? J_SLOAN: MMIV will happen kreegz: jason, we need more gordy on MM4 J_SLOAN: 2008 – lots of filming, fishing, having a good time Nut: Are you going to take a few year break again before the release? Pointerpride102: we need more swearing on MM4 J_SLOAN: People seem to like Gordy on film, I’ll pass it along Got_Esox?: Is there an idea of what the next Badfish Outdoors film will be on? team_rhino: Congrats on the show with Justin. J_SLOAN: I think we need less swearing, but the customer is always right yo: we need more cow bell Border_Patrol: Thank Jason, he’s a MONSTER reason for it. kreegz: swearing is great, i like the bleeps J_SLOAN: I think IcemenII is next Merckid: jason, how bout some other techniques also? wisconsin topwater or anything Tuffdaddy: You should do a Lejewski does dawgs video. I bet that would sell good for you guys. Good informational video. Got_Esox?: Great!Border_Patrol: What is the likelihood of having MM4 sponsor by a shrink? J_SLOAN: topwater is a great way to hit the suspendos up here netman: I think that everyone would appreciate a method how to fish bulldawgs J_SLOAN: Our shrink actually needed to go see a shrink Tuffdaddy: Not you Bruce. you can’t thow them. They’re too heavy for you. Border_Patrol: What are your guide rates for 08? J_SLOAN: netman – cast, let it sink to the desired depth. sweeping pull on the rod, catch up to it, repeat. netman: my arm hurt already Ballistic: Jason, thanks for an excellent hour of Muskie conversation, we’ll all look forward to your next project. netman: thanks Pointerpride102: keep up the good work Jason kreegz: yeah keep the dvds coming… J_SLOAN: $275 per day. no gas surcharge 😉 Bret_Wold: Thanks Jason! sorno: Thanks Jason, very informative

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