Lake of the Woods Lodging Facilities Adapting to Times

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 Mar 20th, 2020 by Keith Worrall 

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Lake of the Woods Lodging Facilities Adapting to Times

It has been a good winter for ice anglers fishing Lake of the Woods. There are still a couple of weeks left of some of the best ice fishing of the year. On top of that, the annual spring fishing traditions on the Rainy River for optimistic spring walleye and sturgeon anglers are within a couple of weeks. Mother Nature offers a bounty of opportunities year round in these parts. And then COVID – 19. Each lodging facility is handling this season and these times differently. Many Lake of the Woods businesses are adapting to the times.

The local lodging community is taking the COVID – 19 situation very seriously, both for their guests and employees. Some resorts were on the verge of shutting down for the spring season as the winter was winding down and they did just that. Some would have stayed open for another couple of weeks but decided to pull the plug a bit early under the circumstances. Others decided to take all legal and necessary precautions and adapt by continuing to offer services allowing guests to come up ice fishing and soon enough, spring Rainy River fishing.

There are many adaptations lodging facilities have implemented. Some include expanded and more thorough cleaning regimes within rooms, cabins, fish houses, and lobbies of resorts.

Some resorts are working with customers over the phone and online as much as possible reducing person to person contact as much as possible. Some examples include emailing and talking on the phone vs in person regarding details of the trip, where fish houses are, where their room or cabin is located, etc.

Some resorts are still offering meals and meal plans with delivery and take out. Some resorts have placed menus within cabins and customers can place orders with either delivery to the door of their room or cabin or having one person of the groups pick up the meals.

Some resorts are dropping off breakfast, minnows and a fish house map at the cabin door each morning.

Some folks are choosing to bring their own fish house and utilize the ice roads still open on Lake of the Woods.

These are unprecedented times for all and guidelines put out by various branches of our government and CDC need to be adhered to. Fishing and enjoying the outdoors can be a way to take care of ones mind and spirit and for some is very important. It can also be done in very small groups with limited interaction with others. Adapting has and will continue to take place to ensure safety.

The best way to understand which resorts are still open and will be open for the spring fishing season, check out their Facebook pages or give them a call.

Lake of the Woods resort and lodging owners and outfitters are some of the most resourceful and caring people in the industry. It is no surprise these hard working folks are finding a way and adapting to the times!

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