Finance Your Boat

Get Pre-Approved For Your Fishing Boat Loan Today!

OutdoorsFIRST has partnered with Fisherman Financing (Powered by Vantage Recreational Finance) to provide boat loans to our users.  Fisherman Financing has years of experience with fishing boat loans and have financed thousands of walleye, bass, and muskie fishing boats.

Here are the basics

Easy Pre-Approval:  Find out how much boat you can get approved for and you’ll have more confidence during the negotation when you find your dream boat.  Getting pre-approved for a long is very simple and the pre-approval is good for 60 days!

Loans Amounts of $10,000 – $100,000+:  We can help you get financing on boats in all price ranges and can finance boats that are 2003 and newer.

10 Year Terms:  Loans $10,000 and more
15 Year Terms:   Loans $25,000 and more
20 Year Terms:  Loans $50,000 and more

Convenience: We have very easy approvals for our customers with a credit score of 660 or higher.  We work with self employed applicants as well and have a lot of expierence getting approvals.  Boats can be private-party or dealer sold, we can work with you either way!

The Pre-Approval Process is Simple!

Step 1: APPLY

Click the “Apply Now” link anywhere on this page and complete the simple and secure application to get pre-approved for your boat loan.

Step 2: SHOP

Search the used boat ads at OutdoorsFIRST for your boat!  Your pre-approval is good for 60 days.

Step 3: CLOSE

Once you find the specific boat you want, we will update the approval with new collateral & deal information and facilitate a seamless loan closing process. We make it Easy!