Missouri – Anglers set for somewhat overlooked crappie season

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 Mar 10th, 2019 by Keith Worrall  398

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Missouri’s March 1 trout park opener grabbed headlines at the first of this month, and another outdoor event — spring turkey season — will soon be in the spotlight. (Youth season is April 6-7; regular season is April 15-May 5).

Another event coming up in the near future — the spring crappie spawn — may not receive as much media hype as the trout opener or turkey season, but it’s as special to many anglers as any other outdoors happening in the Ozarks.

When crappie begin to head for shallow waters to spawn in April, many anglers begin to head for the coves of area lakes. Bass may get much of the publicity, but angler surveys show crappie are among the most sought-after sportfish species in the state. Part of the reason for crappie’s appeal is their eagerness to take a lure. They’re also great table fare.

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