Five favorite crappie lures

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 Mar 19th, 2019 by Keith Worrall  279

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One of spring’s first fish that anglers find schooling up in the shallows, rushing reed beds and staking out structure for spawning is the crappie. Whether black or white, these fish are synonymous with fast spring fishing, and knowing what to use for them can help heat up any chilly day. From small jigs and plastics to those lures that flash and flicker, this handful of baits will get things going in the right direction.

1. Start small. Insert heads with a variety of crappie tubes help present a package that is compact and moves naturally, as the lead is spread out over the hookshank allowing for a more horizontal descent. In weights from 1/32- to 1/16-ounce, these tiny offerings should be fished on light line to allow them the most natural presentation. Vary the tube colors to find the pattern that is working or the hues that draw the most strikes and use these lighter options up in the shallows when fish are staging in their spawning areas.

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