Mr. Crappie Slab-Slanger Gloves are Your Newest Fish Cleaning Ally

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 Jun 20th, 2022 by Keith Worrall 

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Mr. Crappie Slab-Slanger Gloves are Your Newest Fish Cleaning Ally

Use Smith’s Innovative Fillet Gloves to Clean Fish with Safety, Comfort, and Ease

Many successful fishing trips end with a visit to the cleaning table. Here, the day’s catch is transformed into healthy and delicious table fare to be enjoyed by anglers both young and old. Fish cleaning is not without its own hazards, posed by sharp knives and by the fish themselves. Mr. Crappie – Wally Marshall – has been teaching the world how to catch and clean crappies for decades, and leveraged his expertise to help Smith’s Consumer Products develop the new Mr. Crappie Slab Slanger Cut-Resistant Gloves: Your newest fish cleaning ally.

Smith’s Mr. Crappie Slab Slanger Cut-Resistant Gloves are designed for safe fish handling and processing in any kind of weather. These innovative non-slip gloves are manufactured from food-grade high-performance polyethylene, which is four times stronger than leather and provides Cut Level 5 protection for your hands – perfect when cleaning fish with Smith’s razor-sharp fillet knives. Similarly, the Slab Slanger Cut-Resistant Gloves shrug off fish spines, fins, gill plates and even the random swallowed fish hook that anglers may encounter at the cleaning table.

Let’s face it: Fish cleaning is a messy job. Happily, Smith’s Mr. Crappie Slab Slanger Cut-Resistant Gloves are both machine- and hand-washable, so it’s easy to keep them clean and sanitized after a long workout at the fillet table. These thoughtfully-designed gloves are also shrink-resistant, keeping them soft and flexible even after repeated washing. Moreover, Smith’s Slab Slanger glove material is manufactured for maximum breathability, so your hands stay cool and comfortable while transforming fresh fish into perfect fillets. Avid anglers will appreciate that Smith’s Slab Slanger Cut-Resistant Gloves provide welcome hand protection during other activities using sharp equipment or materials, such as food preparation, cutting, wood carving, slicing, carpentry, metalwork, and more.

Pairs of Smith’s Mr. Crappie Slab Slanger Cut-Resistant Gloves are available in size XL – suitable for most hands – and have an MSRP of $15.99. Look for Smith’s innovative Slab Slanger Gloves in the ICAST New Product Showcase, and learn more about all of the new offerings from Smith’s Consumer Products – the Edge Experts since 1886 – by visiting booth 2508 at ICAST 2022.

Smith’s Mr. Crappie Slab Slanger Cut-Resistant Gloves Features:

Exceptional Hand Protection for Fish Cleaning and Processing
High-Performance Polyethylene Construction
Non-Slip, Flexible, Breathable Food-Grade Material
Cut Level 5 Protection
Machine- and Hand-Washable
Size XL to Fit Most Hands
3-Year Limited Warranty
MSRP $15.99

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