It’s a Keeper: Lakemaid Beer Returns for 2009 Fishing Season

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 May 8th, 2009 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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MINNEAPOLIS — As summer draws closer, the thoughts of fishermen all over the North Country turn to toward warm sunny days fishing with friends and family and dreams of landing the big one.  And this year, like last, they’ll be greeted at the end of a long day of fishing with a refreshing brew that’s become the talk among fishermen throughout cabin country.  Inspired by freshwater mermaids, known as lakemaids, Lakemaid Beer is a fresh, yet smooth classic American lager that returns once again for a limited time only, just in time to inspire tales of great fish caught and released.

Launched last year by Rapala, known for its legendary Rapala fishing lures, and Schell’s Brewery, the second oldest family owned brewery in the United States, Lakemaid Beer was welcomed with open arms by Midwestern anglers. The response was so overwhelming that Lakemaid Beer sold out almost immediately in some areas and beer retailers had to maintain waiting lists of thirsty anglers who wanted their Lakemaid Beer. 
This year, Lakemaid Beer will be available to even more anglers as its availability expands from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and the Dakotas to Nebraska, Michigan and Montana.  Like last year, Lakemaid Beer is only available during open-water fishing season.  The beer is sold in independent liquor stores and some selected lake country bars and resorts.
12-Packs, Bottles and Cans

Lakemaid Beer is a classic American lager featuring a crisp, clean taste brewed to capture the flavor of fishing country, where legendary freshwater lakemaids swim.  Lakemaid Beer is sold in 12-packs, with each of the 12 fl. oz. bottles featuring one of twelve different lakemaids (Miss Walleye, Miss Muskie, Miss Northern Pike, etc.).  On the inside of each bottle cap of Lakemaid Beer is a graphic or words describing fish caught by fishermen, such as 6-lb. Bass or 49-lb. Muskie to items that fishermen don’t like catching, such as Weeds, a Boot, or a Snag. Turned into a game, the Lakemaid Beer bottle caps can offer hours of entertainment in cabin country during the fishing season.
In addition to bottles, Lakemaid Beer will make its debut in cans for the 2009 fishing season. It will be available in special edition 12-packs featuring Miss Walleye on 12 fl. oz. cans.
With a mild malt flavor, a Lakemaid Beer goes down as smooth as a summer breeze with the sparkle of hops that dance like the sun on the water. Served ice cold, at the end of a long day on the water fishing for walleye, bass, muskie, pike or crappies, Lakemaid offers a taste so good, fishermen need never exaggerate. Simply put, it’s a keeper.
Legend of the Lakemaids

Brought together by Rapala fishing lures and Schell’s Brewery, Lakemaid Beer is inspired by one of the better-known, and sworn-to-be true stories of freshwater mermaids, known as lakemaids.  Long ago, these beautiful creatures of the deep found their way inland from the oceans, down tributaries such as the St. Lawrence Seaway, into the Great Lakes and then, to cool, clear freshwater lakes and rivers throughout fishing country.   Over the years, there have been numerous, however poorly documented sightings of lakemaids.  For those in the know, the best time to spot a lakemaid is on the summer solstice each year, around the middle of June.
Lakemaid Beer Gear

Lakemaid Beer enthusiasts can demonstrate their pride and loyalty with official Lakemaid Beer gear, available only at www.lakemaidbeer.com .  Lakemaid Beer offers t-shirts, baseball caps, sweatshirts, posters and bucket and glass sets.  For Lakemaid Beer fanatics, customized Ranger bass fishing boats, seaplanes, ice fishing houses, and refrigerators are available with your choice of Miss Walleye, Miss Muskie and Miss Largemouth Bass. 
Choose Your Favorite Lakemaid and Win a Set of Lakemaid Beer Posters

Who’s the most popular Lakemaid Beer beauty?  Lakemaid Beer enthusiasts can vote now, and at the same time, register for a drawing for a set of Lakemaid Beer posters. The poster set includes signed posters of Miss Walleye, Miss Muskie, Miss Largemouth Bass and a poster with photo images of all 12 Lakemaid Beer lakemaid beauties.  When registering, Lakemaid Beer enthusiasts can vote for their favorite Lakemaid Beer beauty.  Results of the survey and drawing will be announced in July.
Proceeds Donated to Freshwater Conservation
In keeping with its dedication to maintaining pristine water resources, a portion of the proceeds from Lakemaid Beer and Lakemaid Beer merchandise, which can be purchased at www.lakemaidbeer.com , will be directed to the International Game Fish Association, www.igfa.org , to help with gamefish research and freshwater conservation efforts.
Drink Responsibly

Lakemaid Beer asks anglers to drink responsibly and to adhere to all state, federal and provincial laws and regulations related to drinking alcoholic beverages.  Lakemaid Beer urges anglers to never drink while operating a boat – your Lakemaid Beer will be waiting for you on dry land, where you can share stories about lakemaids and the fish you’ve caught with friends and family.
About Rapala

Dedicated to delivering memorable fishing experiences every time, the Rapala VMC Group, based in Vaaksy, Finland (Helsinki Stock Exchange: RAP1V), manufactures and markets fishing lures, fishing line, hooks, terminal tackle, knives and accessories under the Rapala, VMC, Blue Fox, Luhr-Jensen, Storm, Sufix,
Terminator, Trigger X and Williamson brand names. The company was unofficially founded in 1936 when Lauri Rapala invented the Rapala fishing lure. Rapala maintains strict standards of quality and craftsmanship while delivering its fishing products to anglers in more than 140 countries. For more information, visit www.rapala.com.
About August Schell Brewing Company

Celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2010, the August Schell Brewing Company is a proudly independent brewing company based in New Ulm, Minnesota, which has been brewing premium, hand-crafted beers of distinction since 1860.  The company was founded by German immigrants August Schell and Jacob Bernhardt, and passed into the possession of the Schell family in 1866.  It is the second oldest family owned brewery in America.  For more information about Schell’s Brewery, visit www.schellsbrewery.com .

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