Cagle with a Two Day Weight of 28.81 pounds Wins Crappie Masters National Championship

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National Champion, Eric Cagle, finished with a two day total of 28.81 pounds and took home $32,550.00 for his win. Bonuses included were the $2000.00 from Missouri Cornfor using E10 fuel, $250.00 for using Freaky Frank’s Custom Tackle , $200.00 for using HH Rods And Reels , and $100.00 for using Jenko Fishing . Congratulations!!!!

2020 Crappie Masters National Champion, Eric Cagle!!! Renewable Fuels Association National Corn Growers Association Missouri Corn

Posted by Crappie Masters on Sunday, September 27, 2020


National Championship, 2nd place with 27.93 pounds, Dustin Harris and Kelley Graham. Also had Big Fish of the tournament at 2.74 pounds. Took home $14,000.00.

Robert Carlile finished in 3rd with 27.36 pounds.

2020 Male/Female Team National Champions, Brian and Savannah McGhee!!!

2020 Adult/Youth Team National Champions on the Ouachita River, Trey and Tucker Underwood.

Final Weigh In

National Championship Day 2 weigh in

Posted by Crappie Masters on Saturday, September 26, 2020

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