Close Wounds in The Field Quickly With ZipStitch

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 Apr 30th, 2019 by Keith Worrall  621

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ZipStitch Is A New Way To Close Wounds When You’re Out There And Can’t Get To Help

Are you an adventurous soul? You may need this new product.

Snowboarding the backcountry, vacationing in a remote area, backpacking off the beaten path, and so on all hold the risk of injury.

Imagine going on a long hike, falling on a rock and ending up with a seriously deep cut. Band-aids won’t do the job but you don’t want to bleed for hours until you get to the doctor – and what if you really need stitches?

This is when ZipStich comes into play!
What Is ZipStich And Why Do You Need It? Read More


Trusted by top hospitals for years, Zip wound closure technology is now available without a prescription. Zip technology is 8 times stronger than stitches. ZipStitch is a great new option for your first aid kit – a major upgrade versus butterfly and strip closures that are basically just strips of tape, a non-invasive solution you can use anywhere, when you can’t get to an ER for stitches.

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