Spinnerbait Lessons From a Legend In The Bass World – Rick Clunn

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 Apr 26th, 2019 by Keith Worrall  302

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Here’s Rick posing with his St. Johns River trophy. A tournament he won using a spinnerbait in clear water.

Lessons from legends: Rick Clunn

Early in my career, I learned some valuable lessons on spinnerbait fishing — how they could produce in a variety of situations, under varying conditions. And that included certain clear water applications.

However, it wasn’t until I learned the specifics of Rick Clunn’s approach that I truly grasped the full potential of a spinnerbait in clear water. He took the concept to a whole new level.

At that time, most bass anglers considered spinnerbaits tools for stained water. About the only time they were used in clear water was when the cover was too thick for other moving lures or the skies were overcast and breezy. Of course, there were exceptions. But that was pretty much the norm.

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