John Gillespie #16, 2019 | Newton Lake | FULL EPISODE

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Published on Apr 27, 2019
Episode 16
Newton Lake
Show Date: April 20th & 21st, 2019
Location: Newton Lake, Newton, IL
Accommodations: The Outdoor Sportsman’s Lodge [ 618-752-5075 | outdoorsportsmanslodge.com ]

We’re back fishing our favorite powerplant lake, Newton Lake, located in central Illinois. We are fishing later than we used to, due to the powerplant only working at half capacity. Our host Tab Walker tells us that the fishing season is just as good, but it’s been shifted back a few months, so April, May, June, and July are great months to fish here. It’s nice to be here in April, because we’re able to get after the bass a few months before they start to bite in Wisconsin. Another thing that we love about Newton, is the scenery, you’d never know you’re in the middle of Illinois farm country with the view from the water.

Using Wack-O worms, and swim jigs, working shorelines, casting into very shallow water. Newton Lake has very stained water, so darker lures tend to work better, because the fish can see the shadow better.

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