Yelas’ Simple Approach for New Water

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 Oct 21st, 2008 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Many new bass anglers get the flop sweats when they are going to fish a new body of water. Sure, a bass is a bass, but new water can be super intimidating for the new basser. Former Bassmaster Classic champ, BASS and FLW Angler of the Year, Jay Yelas has a simple approach to ease your anxiety when you are preparing to fish a new bassin’ hot spot. Look for shallow structure when starting fresh.

Jay Yelas with a stout smallie (Photo Yamaha Marine)

“Approaching new water is the heart and soul of being a pro angler,” said Yelas. “We never get to fish our home lakes. What works best for me most of the time is to fish shallow, visible cover. Shallow fish are the easiest to locate in a short time frame. I don’t use electronics to locate shallow fish, but I do keep my eye on my Lowrance units to look for baitfish and bottom composition changes.”

Bait is the key most of the year.

“In the spring, I am looking for spawning areas in coves or pockets,” said Yelas. “The rest of the year I look for baitfish and main-lake structure like points, docks, trees, grass, etc. An angler just has to fish everything until he finds what the fish are using for cover.”

Start big then go small.

“Lure wise, I always try to find fish on big fish baits first,” said Yelas. “I use swimbaits, jigs, spinnerbaits, cranks or topwaters. If those fail, I pull out the Power worms on shakey heads or drop shots.”

Be thorough and keep the big engine off.

“I find it also helps to pick a section of the lake and pick it apart,” said Yelas. “Picking an area apart is much more productive than running and gunning all over the place when fishing new water.”

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