Wonder From Down Under Joins AFW Hi-Seas Pro Staff

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 Oct 14th, 2008 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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WBT Pro Kim Bain

AFW/HI-SEAS welcomes aboard Kim Bain, one of the most talented young anglers to come on the scene in years. At the tender age of 28-years old, Kim Bain has acquired more fishing experience than most anglers do in a lifetime and racked up more tournament milestones than many seasoned veterans twice her age. A respected outdoor photojournalist who works in both print and broadcast media, Bain has fished all over Australia and in 21 other countries, including more than half of the 50 United States, successfully tackling hundreds of species of fresh and saltwater game fish. She has competed and won money in bass, walleye, redfish and kingfish tournaments in the U.S. and numerous tournaments in her home country of Australia. Most recently Kim has been tearing up the professional Women’s Bassmaster Tour and currently stands poised on the brink of becoming the first female to compete against the men in the 35-year history of the Bassmaster Classic.

“Everyone at AFW/HI-SEAS is thrilled to have Kim Bain representing our companies,” said Mike Shields, VP of Sales & Marketing. “We have many great anglers on our pro team, but Kim is an angling prodigy whose talent and competitiveness transcends the divide between men and woman in our sport. We are honored that she has chosen to use and promote our family of fishing products as she continues her quest for angling immortality.”

 A vibrant outdoor person who enjoys fishing and teaching others how to fish, Kim has been featured on over a dozen outdoor magazine covers with her striking blue eyes, blond hair and warm smile lighting up each picture that inevitably includes a brace of big bass, an oversized tuna or a marlin that literally dwarfs her in size. She is a big fan of competitive bass fishing in the U.S. and followed the tours as a youngster in Brisbane. Her work in the outdoor broadcast media brought her to the states where she was involved in televising the Classic on ESPN from 2004 through 2006, which inspired her to become a competitor.

 “I was initially introduced to AFW/HI-SEAS products while competing in my first kingfish tournament,” Kim told us in a recent conversation. “It was a frustrating affair. We were in 9th after day one, but on day two we had catastrophic leader wire failures on one smoker king after another. Their teeth really do a job on leaders. Needing to solve the problem of junk wire I asked around amongst the top crews and was told about American Fishing Wire (AFW) Tooth Proof Stainless Leader Wire, the gold standard on the trail. On to the Greater Jacksonville Tournament using nothing but AFW and we came in second thanks to no wire breakage.  I’m sold on AFW wire!”

Kim’s accomplishments in saltwater are quickly being eclipsed by her quest for glory in freshwater bass fishing. She started out fishing the FLW Tournament Trail, but this year concentrated all her efforts on the Women’s Bassmaster Tour where she quickly became a dominant force and the first Aussie to win a major bass tournament. Moving into the last tournament of the year she holds a commanding point lead and with one final win may sweep the women’s title, which, for the first time, includes a berth in the Classic fishing against the top male bass anglers in the world!

“I fish a lot of fluorocarbon line on the tournament trail,” Kim said, “and HI-SEAS Fluorocarbon is 100% the real deal! I especially like it for finesse techniques and flipping for bass where a sinking line with extra sensitivity is a big advantage.”

“Kim Bain’s rapid rise to tournament prominence is nothing short of remarkable,” remarked Steve Miller, AFW/HI-SEAS Sales Manager. “She is a welcome addition to our pro staff and we are extremely pleased to have her fishing our current products and helping test new ones that are under development. Kim will be a great asset and spokesperson for AFW/HI-SEAS and we look forward to working with her.”

For more information on AFW/HI-SEAS fishing products and our pro staff members go to www.americanfishingwire.com or www.hiseas.net. For a free catalog call toll free (800) 824-9473. High-resolution images are available on request.

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