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 Oct 17th, 2012 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Have you ever noticed how some people keep showing up time-and-time again? You know, whether it’s a TV actor or some goober buddy of yours? Well, Bassmaster Elite Series pro is neither a goober buddy (although some may claim that) nor is he a TV actor, but he is a pro angler who has a penchant for being on the tube promoting fishing.

“I give the credit to the guides on the show and don’t pretend to be some sort of expert on all things fishing.” says Velvick. (Photo courtesy of Velvick)

Whether it was his time as the Bachelor or on Bass Center, Going Coastal or City Limits, Velvick has been a staple of outdoor programming. The upcoming season is no different.

In 2013, Velvick has teamed with JM Associates, the folks behind the Bassmaster TV show and other famed outdoor television endeavors such as The Spanish Fly and The Fishin’ Hole.

In addition to his media commitments, Velvick also has a pro fishing career to manage and sponsors to satisfy and woo.

“It has been a pretty wild off-season so far from the Elite Series,” said Velvick. “I’ve been super busy working on my new television project. The show name is Guides Eyes. The show is going to be on the Outdoor Channel starting in January, 2013 and running through June.

(Photo courtesy of Velvick)

“The show will focus on letting a local guide be the star of the show. The viewer will learn all about the area we are fishing and the history of fishing and guiding in the area. Plus, all about why the guide we are featuring is one of the best for that fishery.”

The focus is not just bass fishing. Instead, Velvick’s show will feature a variety of fish species, plus both freshwater and inshore saltwater fishing locations. In addition, Velvick is not the authority on the program. Instead, he will be the analyst acting as the conduit of information.

“What I love about this show is we are featuring a variety of multi-species fishing locations,” said Velvick. “We have two of the twelve shows completed. One of the shows features Lake Okeechobee in Florida. Another location is Stuart, Florida for some inshore fishing.

Byron with his guide during his snook trip. (Photo courtesy of Velvick)

“I had my first experience fishing for snook and caught a 30-pounder! It was incredible. Of course, I give the credit to the guides on the show and don’t pretend to be some sort of expert on all things fishing. I mean, come on. When you watch a show, the host is on fish in a location they never fish, and they start talking like they are the person who figured it out, come on. The audience deserves more. We all know a guide or local put them on the fish.

“Our focus is on who these guides are and why they are so terrific.”

There is more to Velvick’s career than just television. He still fishes professionally and works with a large list of sponsors.

“I’m also fishing the Major League Fishing (MLF) events,” said Velvick. “It has been a lot of fun and a terrific concept. I’m also working on getting my new Mercury engine and Triton boat combo ready. Plus, working with other sponsors like YETI Coolers, who are now a larger sponsor due to the new show, along with Costa and Tightlines UV baits.

“There never really is an off-season for me.”

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