Versatility key for Shaw Grigsby

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 Jun 17th, 2015 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Many pro fishing fans don’t mention Shaw Grigsby when they speak of the top tier of current pros fishing the Bassmaster Elite Series. Sure, he’s famous, but he’s that guy from One More Cast on the Sportsman Channel who won years and years ago, right? Well, yes and no.

Sure, the Mercury pro did win events years ago, 1988 to be exact, but Grigsby also won as recently as 2011. Actually, Shaw has won 9 Bassmaster events so far in his career. The effervescent Trokar pro also currently resides in the 10 spot on the Bassmaster Elite Series Angler of the Year (AOY) point standings. Not too shabby for a television star.

The current season is going well for Grigsby, thanks in part to multiple surgeries.

“I’ve had some good events this year,” said Grigsby. “I really just enjoy fishing and I love fishing tournaments. I feel so much healthier. When you feel healthy it sure makes fishing easier, especially in tournaments.

Grigsby at work (Joel Shangle)

“During the off-season I had surgery on both my shoulders, major surgery on the right one. Also knee surgery. Now, instead of feeling a lot of pain, I feel great. It’s pretty tough to be in pain every time you kneel to get a fish or for anything in a boat.

“Other than the surgeries, I just plain love fishing. I think all of those things are why I’m having a decent year.”

Grigsby is known for his shallow-water angling skills, but there is more to this veteran than sight fishing.

“I’m fine with being tagged a shallow-water angler,” said Grigsby. “However, on the Elite Series, everybody is an extremely versatile fisherman. Just to qualify to get here, you need to be versatile. If you survive here more than a couple of seasons, you’ve fished it all.

“I’ve never seen a better group of anglers than what is currently assembled on the Elite Series right now. You need to be able to fish it all to have a chance. I’m as confident fishing deep with a drop-shot as I am bed fishing. It’s all about focus and adjusting to what is needed to perform well.”

Summer tips from the mustachioed legend.

“There are so many different summer patterns depending on where you live,” said Grigsby. “That’s why I have over 35 rods rigged up at events.

“But, if I had to pick one technique I really love in the summer, it’s throwing that Strike King frog. Whether it’s in heavy slop or in open water, it’s such a fun and exciting way to fish. It may not be the most efficient, but it’s a lot of fun.”

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