Three Questions: Dean Rojas

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 Jan 30th, 2019 by fishing fanatics 

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Dean Rojas has a reputation for finding big bass in the shallows, and that’s due to setting a single-day tournament record several years ago of 5 bass weighing over 45 pounds, which is pretty darn impressive. The Arizona native is also known for frog fishing with his now famous “Kermit: earning him plenty of money over the years.

Dean Rojas (Courtesy Dean Rojas)

Dean had a few moments and he took the time to answer Three Questions from BassFIRST. Hopefully, he answered the questions as easily as he can sling a frog under a boat dock. Read on and find out.

BF – You have the opportunity to be paid 2 million dollars per year and can still fish for a living. The only caveat is that you’d need to live in Nome, Alaska. Would you do it?

DR – No. Too cold.

BF – You have two choices for a trip given to you and you can choose one to go on: the party scene in South Korea or panfishing in South Florida. Which trip do you choose and why?

DR – Interesting. I think I’d go to Korea, only because Lake Havasu in Arizona already has huge bluegills and redear sunfish, up to 4 pounds or so.

BF – When you’re old and retired and looking back on your pro fishing career, what will be your proudest moment?

DR – Catching and weighing in 45-pounds 2-ounces in one day at a Bassmaster event. Heaviest single day record ever. January 17, 2001. That was a great day.

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