The MONSTERBASS Mad Max Delivers Explosive Surface Action

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 Sep 1st, 2021 by Keith Worrall 

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The MONSTERBASS Mad Max Delivers Explosive Surface Action

Meticulously-Detailed Popper Triggers Aggressive Strikes from the Wariest Bass

September 1, 2021 – Few experiences in bass fishing are more exciting than an aggressive topwater strike. Watching an enormous bass crush a bait on top, shattering the water’s calm surface with a no-holds-barred, full-throated attack, keeps anglers throwing topwater baits all season long. Today, the team at MONSTERBASS – the only premium subscription box company that is 100% focused on bass fishing – unveils the newest addition to the MONSTERBASS line of baits: the Mad Max. A popper like no other, Mad Max triggers aggressive strikes from even the most highly pressured fish.

“Developing a single line of baits under the MONSTERBASS brand was always part of the plan,” notes MONSTERBASS founder Rick Patri. “We have a unique process for bringing baits to life. Rather than building a bait and getting feedback from a handful of pros, we’ve provided our subscribers with the opportunity to be key players in the lure development process. With Mad Max, we allowed more than 5,000 MONSTERBASS subscribers to test a previous version of the bait and provide feedback. Based on their input, we adjusted everything from the hooks to the sound of the rattles. By giving thousands of real-world anglers a seat at the design table, Mad Max has become an irresistible popper that flat-out crushes bass!”

MONSTERBASS designed the Mad Max to perform flawlessly, no matter how you fish a popper. It has a deep front cup and a tapered body for easy popping, spitting and chugging action. Give it a sharp snap, and Mad Max throws a ton of water with an accompanying gurgle that draws attention from far and wide. Work it methodically along an edge or adjacent to cover with just the rod tip, and Mad Max spits and rolls, just like a shad that is on its last legs. It’s like a Swiss Army Knife for your tackle collection!

Every topwater angler understands the importance of getting the lure far away from the boat, especially when dealing with highly pressured fish. The MONSTERBASS Mad Max popper is meticulously weighted to cast for both distance and accuracy. Now, every casting target is within range. Equipped with a loud, hypnotic rattle, the Mad Max popper expertly stimulates critical bass sensory inputs, turning lookers into biters.

The Mad Max popper sits with a tail-down, nearly vertical posture when paused to deliver a significantly higher hookup percentage. Complementing its strike-triggering properties when on the move, the Mad Max features a dressed rear treble for nearly continuous action and a lifelike, natural appearance when paused. That’s a subtle enhancement that pays big dividends with more giant bass in the bag.

The MONSTERBASS Mad Max popper is available in six premium color patterns – Bone, Sexy Cracks, Green Sexy, Midnight Run, Money Gill, and Feeder Gill – making it easy to match the forage hatch on your favorite bass-infested waters. The 2 ½”-long bait features sticky-sharp BKK treble hooks to keep bass pinned tight, including a dressed rear treble and a signature red front treble to mimic an injured baitfish.

The team at MONSTERBASS had one goal in mind when bringing the Mad Max to life: to help you catch bigger bass more often. Available just in time for fall topwater action, the MONSTERBASS Mad Max is ready to provide show-stopping surface action everywhere that bass swim. Look for the Mad Max popper in all September MONSTERBASS subscription bags, or find it on the web at www.MONSTERBASS.com/popper. Cast one today!

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