The Carrot Stix PAA Series is now presented by Phoenix Boats

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 Jan 6th, 2009 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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There is new excitement in the new year, Phoenix Boats has come aboard with the PAA as the official boat sponsor for the 2009 Carrot Stix PAA Tournament Series, which is now presented by Phoenix Boats. The new partnership between Phoenix Boats and the PAA is helping to focus the spotlight on a new dimension in professional bass fishing and Phoenix Boats has strengthened the foundation of the sport by “hooking up” with the PAA.

The president of Phoenix Boats, Gary Clouse says, “We are very excited to be a part of the PAA Tournament Series, we believe that the timing is right for Phoenix Boats to support the PAA’s inaugural tournament season”.

While the Phoenix Boat line is made in the old Bumble Bee manufacturing plant, the building is the only thing in common between the former Bumble Bee boats and Phoenix. “The Phoenix line is completely retooled, a lot of time went into the new hull”, explains Gary Clouse. He added, “We spent as much time (if not more time) working on the slow speed ride and handling as we did on the impressive top-end speeds”. Phoenix is the first totally new bass boat on the market in quite some time. Clouse gives credit to master designer, Greg Strahm, who engineered the new hull. Strahm has been a well known and respected designer for many years in the boating industry. “All I can say is that he (Strahm) is worth more than his weight in gold”, said Gary Clouse.

PAA Operations Manager, Jamie Hairgrove says that the PAA is very glad to have Phoenix as the official boat for the Carrot Stix PAA Series. “Since I started with PAA in 2007, the members have been requesting and looking for ways for the PAA to have their own tournament series. The PAA Staff and Board are very excited to be able to make these requests a reality in 2009. As PAA starts the very first tournament series developed by professional anglers for professional anglers, we are pleased to be able to team up with a new and growing company such as Phoenix boats to be able to offer the top two winning positions brand new bass boats complete with Evinrude engines”.

Gary Clouse explained that part of his interest in being a sponsor of the Carrot Stix PAA Series stems from his total belief in the PAA. “I have been behind the PAA 100%, even if we were not a sponsor I’m still an angler and I think that the PAA is very important to bass fishing as a sport, we need it”, said Clouse.

Gary Clouse has signed up to fish all three of the Carrot Stix PAA Series events, and hopes to qualify for the Toyota Texas Bass Classic. “I hope, if I can catch em’…”, he said.

In a seemingly dim economy, the PAA and Phoenix boats have created a bond for new growth in professional bass fishing by taking full advantage of a great, open ended opportunity to present a solid new tournament series for PAA members and all bass fishing fans in general.


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