St. Clair Bassmaster Begins

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 Aug 22nd, 2013 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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The final event of the 2013 Bassmaster Elite Series on Lake St. Clair is the last chance for some anglers to make it into the Bassmaster Classic, but it’s also an event some anglers are approaching with a very conservative attitude due to their current position in the Angler of the Year (AoY) race. The Top 28 anglers in the AoY race qualify for the Bassmaster Classic. There are also anglers who double qualify, so often if an angler is ranked 35, 36 or 37 they make it into the big show.

Pinnacle pro Brandon Card is one of the anglers who needs a high finish to make it into the Classic. Currently Card is ranked 42nd.

Randy Howell heads out on Day 1 of the Plano Championship Chase Elite event on Lake St. Clair. (Joel Shangle)

“I’m running into Lake Erie today if that tells you anything,” said Card. “There are big fish out there.”

Card clearly is one who is willing to take the potential physical abuse of the tough run to Erie.

On the other end of the spectrum Missile Baits pro Ish Monroe is not planning to beat himself to a pulp. Monroe sits in the ninth spot overall.

“I am not making a long run,” said Monroe. “I’m going to make it into the Classic and my boat is already sold, so there is no need to beat myself up.

“I plan on catching a lot of fish. I have four spinning rods ready to go, but I may still go after largemouth too. There are some fat ones out there. Some of the smallmouth should be heavy, but they are long and skinny. I caught a 5-pounder that should have been a lot heavier.”

When Mercury pro Skeet Reese was asked what his plans were, his response was elusive. Reese is already qualified for the Classic thanks to a win earlier in the season.

“What do I do,” said Reese. “I have one good spot in Lake St. Clair, but another angler is on that spot too. Beyond that spot, I’m not sure where I am going to go.”

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