Santa (Big) Show

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 Dec 13th, 2012 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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The Christmas season rocks! There are so many festive activities, shows, and delicious meals to enjoy. Plus, spending time with your family. Of course, if you are a pro angler like Terry Scroggins, you may still need to be on the road performing promotional duties. But even road warriors like Scroggins get down time at Christmas to have fun with their families.

Big Show and KVD (Photo Scroggins)

“Normally we get a month off to stay at home,” said Scroggins. “But this year I just got home from being on the road. I am a bit behind on my Christmas shopping right now. It’ll be fun this year again. I have two grandkids, so spending Christmas with them is always fun.”

Scroggins had many fun Christmas’ over the years, but one gift he received when he was a boy really stands out.

“When I was a young kid I couldn’t wait to open the presents to see what they were. That is a great memory,” said Scroggins. “The one gift that stands out was a Berkley 5 1/2-foot lightning rod. I used that rod to fish for everything. It had the pistol grip on it. It didn’t matter what I was fishing for or how I was fishing, that was the rod I used.

“It also had to have the Shimano Bantam 100 on it. The silver reel, no thumb bar yet.”

Terry is a big fan of the smell of a fresh Christmas tree, but opts for a different version at his home.

“You can wait a week or two after Christmas and go to a store selling artificial Christmas trees and buy them for cents on the dollar,” said Scroggins. “That’s what we did. Now we have a tree that is already strung with lights. You can pop it up and you are ready to go.

Green is the word at the Scroggins house at Christmas. (Photo Scroggins)

“I do really like the smell of a fresh Christmas tree, but they are awful messy. At my house, the tree is popped up by the fireplace and we are done. No mess.”

Green is the word at the Scroggins house at Christmas.

“I love grilling out on my Big Green Egg,” said Scroggins. “I was thinking about doing a ham this year, but I was told its going to be prime rib. Just drop that on the Big Green Egg at 200 and cook it slowly. It’s gonna be good.”

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