Rick Clunn’s RC Flat – The First Flat Side Crankbait that Can Be Accurately Cast Even on the Windiest Days

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 Jul 31st, 2014 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Cassville, MO – Luck-E-Strike is pleased to introduce the newest lure from four-time Bassmaster Classic champion Rick Clunn – the RC2 Flat crankbait. This remarkable bait features a square bill with a flat side body that makes it an alternative to traditional square bills.

The RC Flat boasts a wide wobble and arc that allows the lure to stay in the strike zone longer. Clunn designed the RC Flat with a weight transfer system that allows it to be thrown into the wind and hit the tightest spots accurately. No more sailing lures. With the RC2 Flat, you will hit your spot every time and bag more bass. This lure is perfect for early spring cold-water fishing.


“The RC2 Flat continues in the Rick Clunn tradition of premium square bill crankbaits with all the water displacement and deflection as its cousin, the RC2 Square Bill,” says Bobby Dennis, Luck-E-Strike’s sales manager. This lure is able to be accurately thrown into the wind, leading to a more effective fishing experience.”

The Rick Clunn RC2 Flat from Luck-E-Strike sells for $7.99.

Luck-E-Strike sells a wide range of fishing lures and baits. For more information, call 888.407.1117 or visit www.luck-e-strike.us and view the product catalog to see all of their baits. Also, be sure to “like” their Facebook page for special offers and contests at www.facebook.com/LuckEStrikeUSA.

Rick Clunn RC2 Flat- Body length: 1 3/4″ l Dive Depth 4-6ft. l   Weight 3/8 oz.   l   Hooks Two #6 Treble l   Colors: 01 Snow Leopard, 02 Bream, 03 Copper Perch, 04 Tasty Shad, 06 True Blue Chartreuse, 09 Blue Chartreuse, 10 Green Copper Perch and 13 Red Crawdad.

Luck-E-Strike is a mainstay in the fishing industry with more than 45 years producing a variety of lures that fill tackle boxes all over the world. Many of the soft-plastic creations are well-known industry standards, such as the Ringworm and Chris Lane’s Fast Lane Tubes.  In recent years, Luck-E-Strike expanded into hard baits with the popular Rick Clunn RC series. Luck-E-Strike is a subsidiary of TNO Fishing, which is also the parent company for Nemire Lures and Renosky Lures.

Media members interested in field testing the new Rick Clunn RC2 Flat from Luck-E-Strike Lures for an editorial review should contact Joe Wieczorek of The Media Group at [email protected] or call (847) 956-9090.

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