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 Sep 19th, 2012 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Anglers talk over boundaries and no wake areas after being briefed by Trip Weldon and the local DNR officials. (Photo BassFIRST)

“Grind, it’s a grind.”

-Todd Faircloth

“It’s challenging, definitely a challenging fishery.”

-Aaron Martens

“The test of the best.”

-Brent Chapman

“It’ll be one of the easiest tournaments to win.”

-Kevin VanDam

“I’ve got 15 rods rigged and I’m not sure if I’ll get bit on any one of them tomorrow.”

-Skeet Reese

“A grind.  Fishing here this week has been pretty tough. It’s gonna be go out tomorrow and start all over and just wing it and see what happens.”

-Matt Herren

“It’s gonna be tough.  We just got news from the DNR that we can’t fish inside any of the marinas all the way out to the no wake buoys so the lake just got extemely small.  I’m gonna backup and punt and see what happens since my plan just got scratched.”

-Terry “Big Show” Scroggins


-Randy Howell

“It”ll be interesting.”

-Ott DeFoe

“I’m glad practice is over, it was brutal out there.”

-Edwin Evers

“A grind.  80% of the water I fished was a no wake so who knows what will happen.  I’m on baby standby so I got all kinds of thoughts flowing right now.”

-Mike Iaconelli

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