Quotes from Day Three Bull Shoals

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 Apr 21st, 2013 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Swindle off.

Gerald Swindle finished 17th at the Bull Shoals Lake Elite Series event. On Day 3 his execution could have been better.

“I just didn’t execute,” said Swindle. “I had a little bite going. I had one good schooling hole. I acted like a crackhead today. Fish jump to the left and I’d cast to the right. I did that until I had enough and then I’d leave. I fished all day to get my last keeper.”

Ashley upgraded.

Like many of the pros at the Bull Shoals Elite Series event, Casey Ashley needed his fish to increase in size to make it to the final day. The bass cooperated. Ashley is starting in 9th on the last day.
“It seems that every day the better bites come late in the day,” said Ashley. Early in the day I had one largemouth and four little bitty spots. Later in the day they started chewing and I got rid of the smaller fish.”

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