Punching Mats With Zoneloc’s Flippin’ Hook

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 Feb 16th, 2017 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Almost every hook manufacturer makes a Flippin’ Hook. Most are sharp. Most are strong. Most come in a variety of sizes. But none have what the Zoneloc Flippin’ Hook has, and that’s the Zoneloc bend. That patented design allows the fish to slide into that “sweet spot” and stay locked up preventing excess wear and tear from the barb as you yard out those bruiser bass from the heaviest of cover.

Zoneloc’s Flippin’ Hook has it all. The chemical sharpness, the strength, the extra wide gap to get around the lips of biggest bass and the one-and-only Zoneloc bend that locks fish on and won’t let go.

Check out what the Zoneloc pros have to say about their favorite Flippin’ Hook:

Alton Jones

One of Jones’ favorite pieces of gear involves a Zoneloc Flippin’ Hook with a stick worm. In fact, it’s always ready for use on the deck of Alton’s tournament boat. Jones uses the big 6/0 Zoneloc Flippin’ Hook and larger stick worm, specifically to catch big bass.

“The 6-inch stick worm rigged on a 6/0 Zoneloc Flippin’ Hook is a favorite bass catching combination of mine,” said Jones. “I like to use it throughout the year. The early season through the spawn is a terrific time for catching big bass with it.”

“I always start with that offering. I believe the larger bait does attract bigger fish. That 6/0 hook with that super wide gap can get around the lip of the biggest bass. It is a terrific hook for chasing them.”

Alton will use 50-pound braid with a 25-pound fluorocarbon leader. He then ties a snell knot to the hook. Usually it’s fished weightless, but if the cover is thicker or a little deeper Jones will use up to a 1/8-ounce weight to get the bait down.

“When using the Zoneloc Flippin’ Hook I tie it on with a snell knot,” said Jones. “The snell ties around the shank rather than the eye.

“When tied right the hook set will actually force the point of the Zoneloc Flippin’ Hook up and into the fish’s mouth and provide an incredibly secure hookup.”

Jay Yelas

“I use the Zoneloc Flippin’ Hook in heavy cover like brush and grass and mats,” says Yelas. “I use it with braid, it is strong enough to pull big bass from the heaviest cover with the heaviest rod and braid.”

Alton Jones Jr.

“My most productive and also favorite way to fish for bass during tournaments is punching mats,” claimed Jones. “And really, I’ll find any sort of thick overhead cover or canopy the bass use, whether it’s vegetation like hydrilla and milfoil or even trash that has piled up like a log jam.

“The canopy is like a thermal blanket and is an excellent location for finding bass under various conditions. Early on in the season or when it’s cold, the canopy keeps a little more heat there attracting bass.

“During the heat of the summer, it is generally slightly cooler under the mats, which provides relief for the bass.”

Jones’ favorite offerings when punching mats are a heavy casting gear with 65-pound braid threaded through a heavy bullet weight and a Zoneloc Flippin’ Hook tied on with a compact soft plastic threaded on the Zoneloc.

When money is on the line, these bass champs rely on patented Zoneloc technology to hook and retain more fish. When you need to yard out bass from heavy cover, use what the pros use, Zoneloc Flippin’ Hooks. Zoneloc Hooks lock your fish on and won’t let go.

About Zoneloc:
Zoneloc is a highly innovative multi-patented hook design that is a true break through when it comes to hook-up ratio and fish retention. There are three new main features that support this breakthrough. First, the fish dump into the main bend quicker. Second, the fish are protected from the barb. Finally, Zoneloc’s offset main bend has been made to keep fish in the “sweet spot” like never before. www.zoneloc.com

Watch the official Zoneloc video!

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