Plano EDGE Revolutionary Crankbait Boxes

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 Apr 20th, 2020 by Keith Worrall 

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Plano EDGE™ Revolutionary Crankbait Boxes

Grand Prairie, TX (April 20, 2020) Crankbaits these days are like cherished heirlooms. Find one that works, and you want to protect it. Drop $20 on a crankbait, and you at least want to have the opportunity to lose it on an ol’ bucketmouth before it gets rusted, chipped and scuffed before you even use it.

The EDGE™ Crankbait Box has unique CrankBait Catcher silicone fingers to gently cradle crankbaits, prevent tangled hooks and protect finishes. The EDGE™ Crankbait Box is available in two sizes: the EDGE™Crankbait XL box for deep-running, large-lipped crankbaits and the shallower EDGE™ small Crankbait box for finesse baits, jerk baits or any small profile baits. The EDGE™ Crankbait Box is like physical therapy for crankbaits.

EDGE™ Crankbait Boxes Features:

  •  Unique CrankBait Catcher silicone fingers to gently cradle lures and protect finishes
  • Available in two sizes – XL and S
  • WATER WICK™ technology
  • EZ LABEL™ system
  • DRI-LOC® O-ring seal
  • Ribbed, stackable bases and lids
  • RUSTRICTOR™ infused
  • DURAVIEW™ Crystal-Clear polycarbonate lid
  • One-handed latch design
  • CRANKBAIT CATCHER™, a patented EDGE design available only from Plano
  • Steel-hinge pins

EDGE™ Small Crankbait Box

The shallow depth of the small EDGE™ Crankbait Box allows lures like lipless crankbaits or finely tuned finesse baits to nestle down into the box like a carton holding delicate eggs. The shallow configuration is ideal for a multitude of finesse baits, jerk baits and slender profile lures and prevents trebles from making a jumbled mess.

Patent-pending Crankbait Catcher™ soft silicone fingers in the small EDGE™Crankbait Box flex and conform to eliminate contact between baits and to protect finely tuned lures. The soft yet firm grip keeps baits securely in place all day, even when turned upside down and no matter how rough the ride gets. The 100% open design allows anglers to customize and reconfigure the interior of the box to store baits of every shape and size. The open concept of the small
EDGE™Crankbait Box allows quick inventory of the choices at hand and the ability to extract a single lure quickly to get back to fishing.

14″L x 6.25″W x 7.28″H

EDGE™ Crankbait XL box

There’s never been a good way of storing deep-diving cranks that have an extended lip until now – the EDGE™ Crankbait XL box.

Patent-pending Crankbait Catcher silicone fingers hold baits securely and prevent hook tangles. Extra-depth gives you room to store deep-diving crankbaits tail down to maximize space. Soft silicone fingers expand to protect large deep diving baits plus provide complete flexibility for storing lures of every shape and size. 100% open design allows customization and protects expensive baits. The EDGE™ Crankbait XL is perfect for large body, deep diving baits or other large lures and easily reconfigures when adding new lures.

14″L x 9″W x 7.28″H

For more information, please visit: www.planomolding.com

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