New ARMAJOINT 190SF Entices Strikes from Trophy Bass

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 Aug 30th, 2022 by Keith Worrall 

Modified Aug 30th, 2022 at 4:34 PM

Shimano’s Innovative ARMA BOOST Technology Redefines Swimbait Performance


The ultimate big fish bait, Shimano’s ARMAJOINT 190SF leverages Shimano premium lure technologies to synthesize a dual-jointed swimbait unlike any other. Meticulously designed ARMA BOOST innovations deliver a unique joint mechanism providing enhanced casting distance and accuracy to complement lifelike actions that provoke strikes from trophy bass.

Solving the challenges associated with casting swimbaits long distances, ARMA BOOST technology facilitates an aerodynamic lure profile by allowing the jointed hinge to disconnect from an internal magnet and fold the segmented body into a compact and stabilized shape. Maintaining the sleek profile, ultra-sharp treble hooks secure to the bait with unique hook-hold wire lock clips to prevent them from swinging freely and tangling until a fish strikes.


Launched long distances or tossed strategically at closer range, the ARMAJOINT 190SF lands stealthily and instantly reengages with the magnet to reveal an elegant and realistic dual-segmented swimbait. The ARMAJOINT 190SF is incredibly versatile and performs at any retrieval speed, enabling anglers to vary their presentation to adapt to the prevalent conditions.


Complementing realistic presentations through improved visual appeal, Shimano’s proprietary FLASH BOOST technology emits a mesmerizing fish-attracting flash by suspending a reflective foil on micro springs to mimic the flashing behavior of an injured baitfish. Further enhancing the natural mimicry, Shimano’s exclusive SCALE BOOST technology incorporates a lifelike composite-pitch hologram to provide the ARMAJOINT 190SF with a natural scale pattern built into the bait that emits intense and dynamic reflections to trick trophy-caliber targets. The combination of FLASH BOOST and SCALE BOOST provides additional attraction and dynamic strike-triggering qualities even when the lure is motionless.

Whether bass are on the feed preparing to spawn, recovering from spawn, or filling their bellies for winter, ARMA BOOST will provoke big fish in any lake, pond, river or reservoir. The lure swims with a seductive S-pattern on a steady retrieve, and erratic twitches and sweeps of the rod tip bring the ARMAJOINT 190SF to life. When paused, the lure produces subtle yet potent body action, slowly rising with just enough movement to entice otherwise reluctant bass to strike.


Designed with purpose, ARMAJOINT 190SF leverages premium Shimano technologies to enable anglers to catch bigger bass on every trip. In motion or at rest, Shimano’s new swimbait emulates the local forage in any freshwater environment and is available in five colors — Ghost Trout, S Gizzard, ST BW Shad, N Hasu and ST Purple. Each ARMAJOINT is 7 ½ in long (190 mm), weighs 7/8 oz (53 g) – each with an MSRP of $42.99.

ARMAJOINT 190SF Features:

Length: 7 ½ in (190 mm)
Weight: 7/8 oz (53 g)
Slow Floating
5 Colors
Includes replacement tail

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