NetBait Strengthens Bait Line up with the all new Flex Worm!

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 Jul 10th, 2020 by sworrall 

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NetBait Strengthens Bait Line up with the all new Flex Worm!

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (July 10, 2020) When fishing pressure is high, anglers need to be flexible on the baits they throw to generate bites. Finicky fish require finesse presentations that look ultra-realistic, and the all new Flex Worm delivers, with lifelike movement that they cannot resist. Relying on an innovative manufacturing process that allows for perfection in bait lamination, the Flex Worm brings premium color features to a finesse style bait.

The Flex Worm is designed with a solid front end profile in the first 1.5” of the bait to ensure a stable hook insertion for Texas rig or shaky head presentations, The solid front end immediately transitions into a tapering ball & joint body design which gives the bait its Flex.

The innovative ball and joint design creates an extremely flexible mid-body action that alternates with the tail of the bait to create a constant undulating, swimming movement making the bait appear alive. Designed for Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass fishing, the ultra-realistic Flex Worm is Available in 5” and 7” sizes and 10 colors.

“There is nothing that works and moves like the Flex Worm available on the market today.” said NetBait Tackle President Justin Sward. “With the action that comes along with the unique ball & joint design, we’ve made the Flex Worm unbeatable in a variety of fishing presentations!”

Launching through Virtual ICAST 2020, NetBait Tackle Flex Worm is available now and will be offered in updated clam shell packages designed to give anglers full visibility of each bait profile and color.

For more information about any of our new products for 2020/21, visit www.netbait.com

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