Ish Needs More Fish

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 Apr 8th, 2013 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Two-tour pro Ish Monroe is in need of more fish. At least on the FLW Tour. Ish is sitting in the number 7 spot in the Angler of the Year standing for the Bassmaster Elite Series, not so good in FLW. He is currently holding down the 87 slot.

Ish Monroe, 2012 Bassmaster Elite Okeechobee win (Photo BassFIRST)

Monroe keeps a hectic schedule of pro tournaments and promotional engagements, but still feels he has a shot at moving up the FLW ranking and qualifying for the Forrest Wood Cup, the FLW’s season ending championship.

“I am sucking it up on the FLW Tour,” said Monroe. “I’m stuck in the 80’s and need to move up 5- places over the next four tournaments. I need to catch more and bigger fish. I feel it is still possible since we are fishing in what I feel is my season. Pre-spawn and spawn.

“I will head to Beaver Lake and do like everyone else. I’ll throw that stupid Alabama rig around. I hate it. It makes your arms hurt. It takes a lot of the skill out of the tournament and opens it up to guys who are not that good. It takes no skill to fish it at all.”

Monroe is heading to Michigan for a promotional engagement, then home to California before heading out to Beaver Lake in Arkansas.

Ish Monroe (Photo BassFIRST)

Major League Fishing seems to be paying dividends for Ish.

“I fish both the Elite Series and the FLW,” said Monroe. “But I get more love and brand recognition from MLF (Major League Fishing) than I do from fishing the others.
“It’s funny, but at my seminars when I ask about the events, only about fifty percent of the folks knew I won a Bassmaster Elite event last year, but all of them know me from watching the MLF shows. I think the way MLF is presented is really going to be the future of competitive fishing.”

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