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 May 31st, 2015 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Most fans looking at the world of professional bass fishing think of a handful of anglers as dominant and scary to the other competitors. Names like Kevin VanDam or Aaron Martens or perhaps Tommy Biffle, just because he’s got that scary kick your arse vibe.

Very few fans think of GoPro/Lucky Craft pro Brent Ehrler as the scary dude. Many look at him as the clean-cut, nice dude. The reality is the likeable Mercury pro is feared by many of the anglers on the Bassmaster Elite Series. His years with the FLW and his success there are well established. Plus, he just won the Toyota Texas Bass Classic and defeated many of the top pros from both major circuits.

His rookie season with the Elites started rough, but Ehrler has climbed into the number 9 spot in the Angler of the Year (AOY) points standings, is in contention to make a run at that title, plus qualify for his first Bassmaster Classic.

Five more to go and Ehrler will know his rookie season fate.

“Man, I feel great,” said Ehrler. “I’m where I should be. I had a rough start at the Sabine River, but now things are going well. There are four more regular season events left and then the AOY championship, if I qualify for it.

Ehrler just doing his job (Joel Shangle)

“I’ve fished two of the regular season venues before. Lake St. Clair and Kentucky Lake. I like both of them and feel very comfortable fishing there. I’ve never fished Waddington on the St. Lawrence River or the Chesapeake Bay. Those two could be off the wall like the Sabine River was for me. They could turn out to be up or down events. We’ll see how it goes.”

The switch to B.A.S.S. has been very positive for Ehrler.

“I really enjoyed the years I spent fishing in the FLW,” said Ehrler. “I’m really happy with the move I made coming to B.A.S.S. I really like it here.

“I didn’t just jump at the chance because I wanted a chance to fish the Bassmaster Classic. I took the time to investigate the benefits to me, my sponsors and planning future business decisions. Everything leaned toward B.A.S.S.

“The Bassmaster Elite Series sets the standards. You can become a bigger name here. They’ve really set the bar high.”

No political future in B.A.S.S. for Ehrler.

“One of the great things being on the Elites is that I am the new guy,” said Ehrler. “I’m not immersed in the political side and those distractions.

“I can go out and do my job for me and for my sponsors. Show up, cash checks, qualify for championships.”

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