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 Jul 27th, 2015 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Dream seasons vary depending on the individual or group defining it as such. Of course, having the season completed is likely a prerequisite for stating it as a “dream season”.

In the case of Bass Pro Shops pro Ish Monroe, it certainly is shaping up to be that kind of year. With the FLW Tour regular season a wrap and only four events left on the Bassmaster Elite Series, Monroe has cashed checks in all but one event.
The Lowrance pro has qualified for the 2015 Forrest Wood Cup finishing the season 7th overall in points standings. Currently Monroe holds down the number 17 spot in the Elite standings. That means he is well inside of the qualifying standings for the Bassmaster Classic. The top 37 anglers qualify for the Classic.

So, what is the key to this “decent” season Monroe is having? Could it be good feelings?

Ish Monroe at the Sacramento Delta (Joel Shangle)

“I’m feeling really good,” said Monroe. “I’m feeling really good, because the fishing has been really good for me.

“If this is a decent season so far, I can’t imagine how awesome a good season would be. Seriously, I’m just feeling so positive about all of the venues this season.

“People thought I’d have a hard time on Beaver Lake, but I did well. Thousand Islands Saint Lawrence River is another body of water a lot of people are nervous about. Not me, I feel good about it. Catching 100 fish per day is something I look forward to.”

Will the preponderance of clear-water light-line fisheries be a sticking point for Monroe going forward?

“I’m so well known for flipping or working my frog,” said Monroe. “I love doing that. In fact, if I’m in good position to qualify for the Classic when we roll into St. Clair, I may just do that. Go fish largemouth bass and protect my points position. Hackney finished toward the top the last time we were here fishing largemouth.

“Look, I love fishing spinning gear. I’ve won a lot of money over the years with spinning gear on my deck. I use the finest quality Daiwa gear. I mean these combos are like $1,500. These are the absolute finest rods and reels an angler can use. Spool them with Maxima braid and then a fluorocarbon leader we are good to go. I’ve been experimenting with knots to tie the line together, so now I feel the gear is perfect for the clear, deep fishing.

“Now the Forrest Wood Cup will be different. I believe that topwater will be a key to victory there.
“I’m just really feeling good and looking forward to finishing the year strong.”

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