Gamakatsu® Introduces Cover Neko Hook for Finessing Around Targets

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 Jul 15th, 2021 by Keith Worrall 

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Gamakatsu® Introduces Cover Neko Hook for Finessing Around Targets

Tacoma, Washington (July 15, 2021) – Gamakatsu®, the world’s leading manufacturer and innovator of fishing hooks and terminal tackle, is introducing the Cover Neko hook to perfect the newly-popular technique of Neko Rigging. Their design is based largely on the input of Major League Fishing pro Shin Fukae, the only angler to win an Angler of the Year award at the tour level in both Japan and America. He’s won nearly $2,000,000 since moving to the U.S. full-time, and credits much of those earnings to his mastery of finesse techniques. He has been instrumental in bringing the Neko technique to the United States and explaining it to appreciative anglers.

Current Neko Rig hooks are easy for amateurs to learn and can be used with a variety of soft plastics, but prove difficult for use around brush, laydowns and grass. Now, with Fukae’s tweaks and Gamakatsu’s legendary quality, the perfect Neko hook exists. The Cover Neko Hook consists of a shiner-style straight eye hook with an attached swivel to prevent line twist. There’s also a strong, 90-degree wire keeper to lock plastics in place. Taken together, it’s a tool that will let anglers fish through cover easily while maximizing hook-up percentages. These new hooks come three to a pack, in the three most popular sizes.

Cover Neko Features:

  • Shiner straight eye hook for weedless Neko fishing
  • Swivel prevents line twist
  • Strong 90-degree wire keeper locks plastic in place
  • Sizes: 1, 1/0, 2/0
  • Color: NS Black
  • Qty/Pkg: 3


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