Five Questions for Jacob Powroznik

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 Jan 21st, 2014 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Bring it on folks!! The pro tournament season kicks off in a couple of weeks with the FLW Okeechobee event followed by the Bassmaster Classic. Our brave angler stepping into the squared-circle of bass fishing, Five Questions, is none other than Abu Garcia/Livingston Lures pro Jacob Powroznik. He will be one to watch this season. He was a regular at cashing checks in the FLW for 10 years, compiling 35 Top 10 finishes. However, his FLW days are behind for now and he is focused on his rookie year fishing the Bassmaster Elite Series. He qualified through the B.A.S.S. Opens. This path has allowed him to become conditioned for the soul-piercing probing that is Five Questions.

Rookie Elite Series pro Jacob Powroznik (flwoutdoors.com)

DL – What is your greatness weakness?

JP – I’d have to say fishing in the cold. It has been a really cold winter so far here in Virginia where I live, and I don’t like it. It is my downfall. It is tough on equipment, tough on your body, tough on your mind. I just have a hard time slowing down enough to do well.

DL – What is your greatest strength?

JP – Sight fishing. I don’t know why I became good at it. I guess it is because I have a pretty good ability to read the fish. You know, how they should react. Fish travel in packs, but they can have different reactions at times and I have the ability to figure them out.

DL – What is your dream ride?

JP – To be flown to each event in a helicopter. Like the cool one they had on the old TV show Air Wolf. I’d have family or friends drive my truck and boat to the events and I’d arrive in my helicopter. That would be cool.

DL – PB&J or tuna fish?

JP – Peanut butter and jelly. I’ve been eating them since I was a kid. My mom always made them for me if I was in a hurry. They are quick, easy and taste good. Plus they fill you up. On the road when you make things for yourself they are one of the best things to have. Lots of energy and keep you full. They are good. I like them.

DL – Is fishing easy for you?

JP – You know, I’d have to say no. I have to work pretty hard at it. I think I read lakes well. I understand where fish should be on a body of water at a given time of the year. That is the most difficult thing about fishing, finding them.

Now, catching bass is pretty easy once you are on them. If you are spending time in an area and say to yourself, ‘I know they are here’ yet you are not catching, guess what….they are gone.

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