Five Questions for Brent Ehrler

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 Jan 10th, 2014 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Kicking off our continuing series of Five Questions for various pro anglers, we head out to California to find one of the top guns in the FLW, Plano pro Brent Ehrler. Ehrler has two million dollars in career earnings. That’s a lot of bass in the boat. Anyway, Ehrler braved the daunting unknown that is Five Questions and came out unscathed, this time.

Ranger Boats pro Brent Ehrler (Joel Shangle)

DL – Do you have a modern day hero?

BE – It changes quite a bit for me, but lately it is Chris Kyle. He was a Navy Seal and a sniper. He was murdered last February. Ever since I’ve read his book I’ve been impressed and admire him greatly.

DL – Golf or tennis?

BE – No question, golf. I play golf. I am terrible at tennis. Plus, my wife can beat me at tennis.

My Dad played a lot of golf, so I got into it when I was younger. I grew up enjoying it. I played a couple times per month. Now I am lucky to play 4 or 5 times per year. I wasn’t great, but I could usually play from the high 70’s if I didn’t get any 8’s on a hole. Mostly in the mid 80’s, depending on how many 8’s I got out there.

DL – What is your least favorite Winter Olympics sport?

BE – Probably curling. I just don’t really understand the concept. It is not an event where it shows particular athletic prowess. It is someone sliding a big puck and other people using a broom to sweep away the snow. It’s like ice shuffleboard.

DL – What is your favorite Winter Olympics sport?

BE – That would be Moguls. It is the kind of skiing I relate to. I never was a gate racer. It is more along the lines of what I enjoy when I ski. The entire mountain. It is a tough sport. Moguls is like doing 200 burpies, then some skiing then doing it all over again. It is tough.

DL – What is more important to you in tournament fishing, winning a title or winning a lot of cash?

BE – Cash. Primarily because it helps you in life and with your family. Keeps you financially stable. Cash helps me do more than a title. A title doesn’t keep me out there. Sure, they kind of go hand-in-hand, but cash is king.

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