Favorite tackle in 2014

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 Nov 13th, 2014 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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I rarely write about tips and tactics and tackle. I generally focus on the pros and the tournament circuits. Today, I thought I’d share a little about my favorite gear from the 2014 bass-fishing season. I have the opportunity to fish with a variety of tackle throughout any given season, but I end up using what works me, just like everyone else.

I have three standouts for my 2014 season, which includes a rod and reel combo and two soft-plastic baits.

Rod and reel

Shimano brought it home for me in 2014. I used a 7’11” Crucial flipping stick with a Chronarch C14+ all season. It was awesome! Lightweight and powerful. Spooled up with heavy braid, that sucker could flip and pitch my offerings with accuracy all day. I have a disability that wears my body down severely and this beefy outfit was so light it allowed me to have a much more enjoyable experience throughout the season. Absolutely wonderful equipment.

Soft plastics part one.

This is nothing new to the bass-fishing throngs, but I used the heck out of a Berkley Powerbait Chigger Chunk this year. I never used them before. I picked up a few bags at Bass Pro Shops to try and bam! Sold. I’ve used the Chigger Craw for years, but not the Chunk. On the back of a swim jig or a heavy jig for flipping and punching the matted stuff, this bait was excellent. It has a terrific swimming action that just works for me. I am sold on Chigger Chunks.

Soft plastics part two.

Baby D-Bomb

I loves me some Missile Baits D-Bombs. Absolutely awesome flipping bait. This year, I tried out the Baby D-Bombs. Um, uh, freaking amazing. Like its big brother, it has a subtle swimming action when retrieved. Whether I rigged it Texas style or on the back of a jig this smaller profile offering was most excellent. If you can’t find them at your tackle store you can go to the Missile Baits website and purchase them.

Anyway, simple wasn’t that? No surprising revelations. No discoveries, well maybe one, a lesson learned. You can fish all the newest, grooviest stuff out there, but nothing and I mean nothing beats quality gear and sound basic tactics. Sure, sometimes and little something-something will save the day, but a flipping stick, swim jigs, flipping jigs, soft plastics and the will to fish them will consistently put bass in your boat.

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