Elite Series 2011 Bassmaster Classic Qualifying Berths Determined

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 Jun 21st, 2010 by OutdoorsFIRST 

Modified Jun 21st, 2010 at 12:00 AM

After an eight-event regular season stretching from California to Georgia, a bevy of Bassmaster Elite Series anglers were able to cash in on the fruits of their labor Sunday in the form of Bassmaster Classic berths.  The final Elite event of the regular season, the AutoZone Sooner Run on Fort Gibson Lake, is in the books and with that, 37 anglers grabbed a coveted qualifying spot into the 2011 Bassmaster Classic. 

While BASS qualifies 36 anglers for the Classic based on their ranking in the Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year race, because 2010 Classic champion Kevin VanDam of Kalamazoo, Mich., automatically qualifies and was sixth in the AOY points, the 37th angler, Paul Elias of Laurel, Miss., also gets in.

The 2010 Bassmaster Classic is set for Feb. 18-20 on the Louisiana Delta out of New Orleans.

While Elias finished strong – he scored a 16th place finish at the Sooner Run – a trio of BASS veterans were able to land their Classic berths despite missing the top 47 cut at the Oklahoma Elite event.  Still, Kevin Wirth of Crestwood, Ky., (34th); Kelly Jordon of Mineola, Texas (35th) and Terry Scroggins (36th) of San Mateo, Florida, did just enough during the course of the season to sneak in. Each angler holds a Classic qualifying streak of at least five consecutive. 

“I felt sick because I thought I cost myself a Classic berth here,” said Wirth, who will fish in his 10th consecutive Classic in 2011.  “That’s what we fish for.  To get into that Classic and have a shot at the top prize.  Plus, the exposure opportunities are incredible.”

Joining the 37 Elite qualifiers in the 50-angler Classic field will be six BASS Federation Nation anglers who will qualify via the Federation Nation National Championship (Oct. 27-29; Red River; Shreveport, La.); two each from the Bassmaster Southern, Central and Northern Opens; and the winner of the Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Weekend Series Operated by American Bass Anglers Championship.  The field will be vying for a $500,000 top prize.

In the case of anglers who qualify through two avenues, BASS will work down through the Elite Series’ AOY standings.  That means all is not lost for the 38th placed competitor.  In fact, in 2009, BASS worked down to the 39th spot in the AOY rankings due to anglers who double qualified via both the Opens and Elite Series. 

Jared Lintner of Arroyo Grande, Calif., would be the first angler to qualify in the case of a double qualifier.  The final list of the AOY regular-season standings can be found below.

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2010 Muskogee, OK – Muskogee, OK Pro Points After Arkansas River, Muskogee, Okla.  Ending 06-20-2010, Day 4


Place  Name               St            Pts


  1 Skeet Reese           Calif.       2116

  2 Edwin Evers           Okla.        2010

  3 Cliff Pace            Miss.        1868

  4 Derek Remitz          Ala.         1854

  5 Terry Butcher         Okla.        1841

  6 Kevin VanDam          Mich.        1825

  7 Tommy Biffle          Okla.        1801

  8 John Crews            Va.          1792

  9 Gary Klein            Texas        1771

 10 Greg Hackney          La.          1767

 11 Russ Lane             Ala.         1766

 11 Aaron Martens         Ala.         1766

 13 Brian Snowden         Mo.          1732

 14 Mark Davis            Ark.         1726

 15 Mike McClelland       Ark.         1723

 16 Todd Faircloth        Texas        1712

 17 Scott Rook            Ark.         1705

 18 Morizo Shimizu        Japan        1690

 19 Matt Herren           Ala.         1686

 20 Bill Lowen            Ohio         1669

 21 Stephen Browning      Ark.         1663

 22 Michael Iaconelli     N.J.         1644

 23 Dave Wolak            N.C.         1643

 24 Shaw Grigsby          Fla.         1622

 25 Boyd Duckett          Ala.         1618

 26 Bobby Lane            Fla.         1608

 26 Jeff Kriet            Okla.        1608

 28 Gerald Swindle        Ala.         1601

 29 Jason Williamson      S.C.         1597

 30 Greg Vinson           Ala.         1578

 31 Steve Kennedy         Ala.         1573

 32 Dean Rojas            Ariz.        1572

 33 Brent Chapman         Kan.         1547

 34 Kevin Wirth           Ky.          1546

 35 Kelly Jordon          Texas        1531

 36 Terry Scroggins       Fla.         1530

 37 Paul Elias            Miss.        1525

 38 Jared Lintner         Calif.       1513

 39 Mark Tucker           Mo.          1502

 40 Bradley Roy           Ky.          1475

 40 Davy Hite             S.C.         1475

 40 Rick Morris           Va.          1475

 43 Marty Robinson        S.C.         1471

 44 Pat Golden            N.C.         1453

 45 Clark Reehm           Ark.         1450

 46 Casey Ashley          S.C.         1439

 47 Dustin Wilks          N.C.         1433

 48 Denny Brauer          Mo.          1427

 49 James Niggemeyer      Texas        1425

 50 Mark Menendez         Ky.          1423

 51 Timmy Horton          Ala.         1422

 52 Cliff Crochet         La.          1414

 53 Jason Quinn           S.C.         1412

 54 Takahiro Omori        Texas        1406

 55 Matt Reed             Texas        1405

 56 Alton Jones           Texas        1397

 57 Randy Howell          Ala.         1382

 58 Kenyon Hill           Okla.        1378

 59 Billy McCaghren       Ark.         1374

 60 Ish Monroe            Calif.       1368

 61 Marty Stone           N.C.         1364

 62 Pete Ponds            Miss.        1360

 63 Kevin Short           Ark.         1354

 64 Kotaro Kiriyama       Ala.         1352

 65 Bradley Hallman       Okla.        1350

 65 Peter Thliveros       Fla.         1350

 67 Guy Eaker             N.C.         1339

 68 J Todd Tucker         Ga.          1334

 69 Zell Rowland          Texas        1327

 70 Rick Clunn            Mo.          1317

 71 Chris Lane            Ala.         1288

 72 Jami Fralick          S.D.         1286

 73 Keith Poche           Ala.         1276

 74 Mark Tyler            Okla.        1274

 75 Grant Goldbeck        Md.          1266

 76 Chad Griffin          Texas        1260

 77 Byron Velvick         Texas        1247

 78 Jeff Connella         La.          1246

 79 Bernie Schultz        Fla.         1228

 80 Britt Myers           S.C.         1226

 81 Matt Greenblatt       Fla.         1225

 82 Fred Roumbanis        Okla.        1213

 83 Charlie Hartley       Ohio         1210

 84 John Murray           Ariz.        1186

 85 Wade Grooms           S.C.         1156

 86 Yusuke Miyazaki       Texas        1144

 87 Vince Fulks           Okla.        1132

 88 Dennis Tietje         La.          1096

 89 Byron Haseotes        Mass.        1010

 90 Jeremy Starks         W.Va.         990

 91 David Smith           Okla.         988

 92 Mark Burgess          Mass.         970

 93 Scott Ashmore         Okla.         906

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