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 Oct 8th, 2013 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Strike King pro Keith Combs pulled off another victory on Lake Conroe at the recent Toyota Texas Bass Classic (TTBC). This event places the top anglers from the Bassmaster Elite Series, FLW Tour and the PAA in a three-day event annually. This grouping of anglers provides one of the toughest fields to gain victory. Combs has achieved the win twice.

In fact, Combs’ record over the last four TTBCs is nothing but incredible: he has a fourth, first, third and first respectively. Add this latest victory to a fifth place overall in the Bassmaster Angler of the Year race and an Elite Series win at Falcon Lake and Combs has had a remarkable run.

“It feels so good to win,” said Combs. “Another win on Conroe seemed like it would be so hard to achieve. I’ve been doing the same thing at the TTBC for the last four years. Doing that has produced a fourth, first, third and now another win. It’s crazy”

Combs hooking Conroe cash (Joel Shangle)

Combs feels there is no home field advantage on Conroe.

“Since I’ve been fishing the same way over the same areas for the last four years, there is no advantage,” said Combs. “I have a lot of confidence fishing there, but this was surprising. During practice, I saw plenty of boats fishing the deeper water where you need to be to win. During the tournament, I only saw Murray and Powroznik on a few of those spots. They finished second and third.

“All I did was junk fish and throw crankbaits. I did weigh a fish I caught on a jig and one on a worm, but primarily I used crankbaits. I pretty much had free run of all the areas I wanted to fish. I’d crank for 5 minutes, then run, crank for 5 minutes, then run and on and on.”

Fishing to win has been Combs’ motto for the last few years.

“Ever since the Elite Series changed to the win and you’re in deal for the Classic that is what I try to do at each event, win,” said Combs. “I did that at Conroe too since first is all that matters there.

“The deeper areas are where you need to fish to win there. You can go for a while with nothing then get a flurry where you catch two or three big fish, then nothing again. You can jack big fish or catch crap, but you need to be there to win.

“Conroe has just enough good fish this time of year shallow to give you hope, but you will get beat by someone off the banks.”

Combs will be working towards improving and more success in 2014.

“This was such a stout field to fish against at the TTBC,” said Combs. “The Elite Series is very stout too. This is a big deal to win any event against this quality of competition. It is unrealistic to set yourself a goal to win an event each season. Of course, you go out with the intent to win everything, but realistically even the best in the sport don’t win every year.

“Hopefully, I can keep the ball rolling, be even more consistent this year and avoid any total bombs.”

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