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 Jan 24th, 2014 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Falcon Rods pro Jason Christie had a 2013 tournament season that reached nearly epic proportions. Christie won two of the six FLW regular season events and one Bassmaster Elite Series event. There are pros who have been fishing for decades without a single tour-level victory.

Jason Christie at the TTBC in 2013 (Joel Shangle)

Not one to rest on this remarkable year, Christie has had a busy off season. Deer hunting, elbow surgery, yep elbow surgery (ouch!), outdoor shows and trying to stay in decent shape for the 2014 tournament campaign where he will again fish both the FLW Tour and the Bassmaster Elite Series.

Christie is a realist.

“I had very good results last season,” said Christie. “I realize I had a tremendous amount of success winning three big events. I also realize that winning that many events is not going to happen every year. I think that most anglers would be very happy winning one tournament every few years. I think I would be okay with that. I am excited to get out there and try to win as many as I can again.”

Elbow surgery on Christie’s mind.

“In a perfect world, I spend a lot of time fishing during the off season after I’m done deer hunting,” said Christie. I didn’t this winter due to elbow surgery. I’m a little worried about not being as ready as in previous years, since I didn’t fish that much.

“The good thing is that my elbow will have plenty of time to heal properly by the time the season starts with the FLW at Okeechobee. I was told it would need a minimum of 6 weeks to heal. When I fish that first event it will have been almost 12 weeks of recuperation.

“I intended to fish this winter, but with the elbow surgery and work for sponsors, I have not been able to go. The one good thing is that my elbow has had plenty of time to heal.”

No iron time for Christie.

“I know some guys are really working out a lot,” said Christie. “I don’t have a workout routine. This is the first winter I have consciously been watching what I eat. Since I’m 40, I figured it would be a smart thing to do.

“I am a very active person. I don’t like sitting around doing nothing. I usually get a lot of walking in, whether it is in the woods deer hunting or just in general. During a normal winter when I don’t have surgery, I am also fishing quite a bit. That keeps me ready and in shape for the tournament season.”

Okies have mad tournament skills.

With the likes of Tommy Biffle, Edwin Evers, Jimmy Houston and many more, the state of Oklahoma pumps out some tremendously talented and successful professional anglers. Christie shares the reason why.

“In Oklahoma, we have a lot of diverse fisheries,” said Christie. “Coming up there are so many bigger money team tournaments that draw anglers. The competition is pretty stiff, so you better be good to win. It is a terrific state to learn to be a good angler and tournament angler.”

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