Chris Lane, Not Fishing?

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 Oct 25th, 2012 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Okay, reigning Bassmaster Classic champ, Chris Lane, is still fishing the Bassmaster Elite Series.  However, he is taking time off to regroup and not take his time in the boat so seriously.

Instead of fishing as a job, Lane is focusing on fishing with family and friends and recharging his competitive batteries for the 2013 season.

“I’m not fishing,” said Lane. “Well, not competitively. How can you not fish when you live on the greatest fishing lake in this country, Guntersville?

“Catching up on my family time and fishing with them for crappie and catfish is what I am doing on the water now, just fun fishing. During my off-season, I also hunt for deer, duck; all kinds of hunting.

Chris Lane, 2012 Bassmaster Classic Champion (Photo BassFIRST)

“It’s not like fishing the different places on the Elite Series isn’t fun, but it is a job. It’s essentially six months on and six months off. That first six months on is so busy.”

Chris is not a big fan of pumping iron and training like a cross-fit athlete to prepare for the tournament season.

“I’m not heading to the gym to train for the upcoming season,” said Lane. “I do more walking or bike riding with my family to keep fit. I really like to spend time with family during this period.”

Starting in January, Lane’s focus switches to the start of the Elite Series season.

“Come January, I start getting everything in order for the season,” said Lane. “I go through all of my gear and make sure I have what I need.

“I make sure I take care of my sponsors and any obligations I may have involving them.”

Speaking of sponsors, since becoming the Classic champ, Lane has focused on working hard for those who helped him from the start.

“I really like to take care of those sponsors who were with me before I won the Classic,” said Lane. “It’s important to make sure those who helped me get where I am at are priority. I am loyal to those who were there for me from the beginning.

“Of course, I would welcome new sponsors and work just as hard for them.”

Like most Elite Series pros, Lane has a simple goal for 2013 and beyond, qualify for the Bassmaster Classic.

“I plan on working as hard as I can to qualify for the Classic next season,” said Lane. “The schedule looks pretty tough. There is not a lot of grass in any of the places we will be fishing.

“I like the Mississippi River and the two New York locations are interesting to me since I’ve never fished them. They are all intriguing to me.”

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