BOOYAH pros share Bassmaster Classic secrets

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 Mar 11th, 2016 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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BOOYAH pros Jason Christie and Alton Jones were in the hunt to win the Bassmaster Classic on Grand Lake, Okla., for two consecutive days, before finishing second and eighth respectively. Both credited BOOYAH baits for their high finishes.

Christie used a 1-ounce BOOYAH Blade spinnerbait (white/chartreuse/blue) with a single No. 5 Colorado blade that he replaced with an even-bigger No. 6 blade. To slow the bait down and give it more bulk and action, he used a new YUM Pulse™ swimbait (white) as a trailer.

“In that dirtier water I wanted to increase the strike zone of those fish,” Christie explained. “They couldn’t see too well, so I wanted them to feel it. That Blade spinnerbait and Pulse trailer were an unbeatable combination.”

He noted that the Blade’s strong, sharp Mustad Ultra-Point hook was also super-important.

Christie mostly fished mid- and lower-lake banks, but on the final day fished flats and staging areas. While most competitors kept their baits on the bottom, all his strikes were higher in the water column.

Jones fished a 3/8-ounce BOOYAH Bankroll Jig™ (green pumpkin/purple and a little orange) with a 2 3/4-inch YUM Craw Papi (green pumpkin, claw tips dyed orange) as a trailer.

“With the Bassmaster Classic on the line, I went straight to my go-to bait, the BOOYAH Bankroll Jig,” Jones said. “It’s the only jig I know of that really stands up on the bottom and flashes the pinchers right in the fish’s face. I can always count on the Bank Roll to give me a few extra strikes throughout the day.”

At Grand Lake, Jones said it was important to get the jig into spots he felt others wouldn’t fish, like far under and behind docks. He fished very shallow in the upper part of the lake.

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