Biobor EB, the Ethanol Buster announces Grand Prize

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 Jun 27th, 2011 by OutdoorsFIRST 

Modified Jun 27th, 2011 at 12:00 AM

Houston, TX – Today Hammonds Fuel Additives, Inc. announced a Grand Prize fishing excursion for fans of Elite Series anglers Bradley Roy and Cliff Crochet.  Two fans and their guests will fish with the Biobor EB pros on their home waters of Kentucky and Louisiana.

Each week fans have won prize packages from Biobor EB, Rugged Shark, Rat-L-Trap and Taylor Man’s by guessing the number of gallons of gas used by Roy or Crochet at each Elite Series event.  Fans can now also win a Grand Prize by simply guessing how many gallons of fuel their angler used over the entire 8 event Elite Series season, all of which were treated with Biobor EB.  Biobor EB is proven to effectively treat 45% more fuel than the competition.


Participation is simple.  Go to the Biobor.com website and click on the Fishing Contest (direct link is http://www.hammondscos.com/index.php?id=270).  Click the Facebook button to Like Biobor.  Select one of the anglers and enter a guess of how much fuel he used during the entire Elite season.

Each winner will receive a prepaid Visa card for their travel costs to Kentucky or Louisiana.  The contest will end on July 31st.

Roy has proven to be on the move a good bit more than Crochet; burning an average of 24 gallons more per week.  “I’ve always liked to drive a boat around,” Roy joked.  “In all seriousness, Biobor EB is an awesome product that I love to recommend.  My motor ran exceptionally well this year and I’ve saved a lot of money treating it with Biobor EB.  Best of luck to everyone in the contest…I know where the big ones live in Kentucky so if someone wants to catch big fish pick me!”

“Bradley and I have been running Biobor EB in our boats and Biobor MD in our diesel trucks, and sleep well at night knowing we are taking great care of our equipment,” said Crochet.  “As for the grand prize of a fishing trip with Bradley or me…who is more fun and will put people on more fish than the Cajun Baby?”  


Biobor EB is formulated to prevent the separation of ethanol/gasoline fuel blends which helps combat the negative effects of ethanol in fuel tanks and engines, while increasing engine performance, efficiency and fuel stability.  The full line up of Biobor marine fuel additives are just the latest from this American manufacturer, also known for their innovative engineering and product design in the aviation, fuel and water treatment industries.  All Biobor products are available through the Hammonds Fuel Additives international sales distributor network, or for retail purchase at West Marine and a growing number of retail outlets.  Dealer inquiries are welcome at (800) 582-4224.

Hammonds Fuel Additives, Inc. offers the flagship product BioborĀ®JF for use as a biocide in multiple fuels. The Biobor Family of Additives includes Biobor JF, Biobor MD (Marine Diesel Performance Additive) and Biobor EB (Ethanol Buster that overcomes the harmful effects of ethanol in gasoline).  www.biobor.com


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