Big Summer Fun with “Big Show” Terry Scroggins

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 Aug 5th, 2008 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Terry Scroggins, "Mr. Congeniality"

In addition to being one of the very best Bassmaster Elite Series anglers, Terry "Big Show" Scroggins could easily win the Mr. Congeniality award from his fellow full-time pros.  Unusually upbeat, continuously funny and always prepared to lend a helping hand, Scroggins seems very much at home along the Bassmaster Elite Series trail.  But what does "Big Show" do when he finally gets a little downtime?  We caught up with him to see what sort of summer fun he's having during the three-week summer break from the Bassmaster Elite Series trail.

How did you celebrate the 4th of July? 
I went and bought a big hammock, hung it next to my swimming pool, laid my big ole butt in it, and did a whole lot of nothing.

We all know "Big Show" loves to eat, so what's your favorite thing to cook on the backyard grill? 
A big ribeye steak, cooked medium rare.

What are you looking forward to doing most during the break, before heading to Buffalo for the tournament on Lake Erie?  The biggest thing is to use this time to rest.  We get beat down physically and mentally during the course of the season.  So more than anything, it's a perfect time to rest.  I may go to the fishing's industry's annual trade show in Las Vegas, but that will be more about pleasure than business.

If you could only have one lure, what lure would you choose to fish with all summer long across the United States?
I'd pick a ¾ oz. Bomber Fat Free Shad in a color called Citrus Shad, and I would cast it on 10-pound Gamma fluorocarbon line.

What song are you diggin' most right now? 
I try not to get too focused on one song.  I drive 40,000 miles a year, so I like to hit the seek-scan button on my Tundra's stereo and get a little variety.  I listen to everything from rock & roll to country.

If you could only pick one sporting event to watch this summer, what would it be?
I love auto racing and baseball, but I think the dream event would be a Yankees – Red Sox game in New York.

If you were going to share a summer beach house with four other Bassmaster Elite Series pros, who would they be and why?

I'd start with Davy Hite because he has a connection for getting fresh sushi delivered, plus he's one of my best buddies.  I would invite VanDam, because he's a good friend, and he's easy to have a good time with, and I would invite Swindle, for laughs and entertainment.  And certainly, I'd bring my fellow Floridian, Peter Thliveros as our chef.

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