Bait Equals Fall Bass

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 Oct 1st, 2008 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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BASS Elite Series Pro John Crews (Photo BASS Communications)

When you head out this fall in search of bass, make sure you keep your eyes peeled. No, not looking for the next hurricane or a killer bear, though both are good ideas if you’re in areas where they may be an issue. You have to keep your eyes peeled for signs of bait. Bass are stuffing their collective bellies this time of year in preparation for the cooler or colder winter months and to have enough calories stored in preparation for next seasons spawn.

Advance Auto Parts pro John Crews knows if you find bait, you’ll find bass in the fall.
“Where to find the bait in the fall,” said Crews. “Sometimes that is deep water, sometimes its shallow water, sometimes stained water, sometimes clear water (especially with grass). I usually spend time riding and visually looking for bait on the surface or on the depth finder.”

Stay close to the top for clear and stained water fish.

“The topwater bite is getting back in action now,” said Crews. “This is especially true in grassy clear water.

“Shallow crankbaits, like the Spro Little John, are hard to beat in stained water. The great thing about the shallow water fish is that the bait is easier to find and makes it easier for you to catch fish.”

Deep water fish aren’t impossible to catch.

“Deep water fish can be easy to catch since there are often very few people fishing for them,” said Crews. “The problem with them is that once the bait moves from the deep water, the fish move and they can be harder to find than the shallow water fish.

“The bottom line is if you find the bait and you’ll find the fish in the fall.”

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