Back to School 101: Mossy Oak

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 Sep 6th, 2019 by Keith Worrall 

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Back to School 101: Mossy Oak

SAN ANTONIO, TX (September 6, 2019) – College fishing is one of the fastest growing segments of the fishing world. The youth of the sport is driving the industry in certain aspects, and companies are starting to take notice. One of those brands is Mossy Oak Fishing. From middle school, up to high school, then college, and all the way to the pros, Mossy Oak has burst onto the fishing scene over the past several years with their great products and stylish patterns. Today’s lesson in the “Back to School 101” series will highlight Mossy Oak Fishing through their tournament activation and contingency programs designed for college anglers. Watch to learn more about Mossy Oak.

Texas Lunker Challenge presented by Mossy Oak Fishing
The 2019-2020 season will feature the second ever installment of the Texas Lunker Challenge presented by Mossy Oak Fishing on Sam Rayburn Reservoir. Last season’s event was cancelled due to high water levels on the Texas impoundment. This season’s event will be fished on Sunday, February 23, 2020.

During the inaugural event in 2018, anglers brought plenty of big fish to the scales. Scott Ellis from the University of Tennessee took home the overall title with a bass weighing just under the 10 lb. mark. There is a good chance that weight will be bested here in 2020. But will it take a double-digit fish to win? We will find out very soon. Registration for this event will open towards the end of this year.

Mossy Oak Fishing Contingency
Mossy Oak is the official pattern of the Bass Pro Shops Collegiate Bass Fishing Series. In partnership with that, they are also a supporting sponsor of the Bass Pro Shops School of the Year program managed by the ACA. Mossy Oak rewards prize money and gifts to successful teams that wear the Mossy Oak Elements pattern on their jersey.

At all ACA events, if the winning team is wearing the Mossy Oak Elements pattern and logo on their Gemini jersey, they will be eligible to win $500. Also, any team that meets the clothing requirements and finishes in the top 10 will receive a $100 Bass Pro Shops gift card. For more information regarding this program, visit here.

Thanks for completing Lesson 4. This will conclude the highlighting of our tour series events. In the upcoming days you will learn about a great program from Buff® related to the School of the Year program, as well as read about two new sponsors for this season that are dedicated to serving the college angler. Stay tuned for more!

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