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 Jul 10th, 2014 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Evinrude pro Brett “Hitman” Hite is one of the most intense competitors in the world of pro bass fishing. Hite fishes both the Bassmaster Elite Series and the FLW Tour. This season, Hite has victory on each circuit. Plus, he has qualified to fish in both the Forrest Wood Cup and the Bassmaster Classic in 2015.

So how does one of the best in the bass biz kickback during the July hiatus? A little fishing, golf, barbecue and general chill-axing are on the agenda.

Hite heads to the mountains.

One of Hite’s business associates (Joel Shangle)

When I finally got home from fishing related business, I took a little vacation,” said Hite. “I headed to the White Mountains in Arizona for a week. I went there with five other people and my dog.

“We golfed, barbecued, had a cooler of beer and just hung out. Of course, we did a little fishing, too.

“Of course, I had to bait everyone’s hook. As soon as I’d get one person rigged up, the other would catch a trout. Then I’d go and get them set up again. They were nice fish in this little lake. Lots of 2-pounders. They’d skyrocket into the air. My dog loves to chase fish as much as I do and kept going after the fish.

“They had me working on my day off. I wanted to catch some too. Essentially, we just relaxed, had a cooler of beer and goofed off.”

B. Hite needs a break to re-ignite the competitive fire.

“I fish a ton,” said Hite. “For me, the volume of intense fishing I do, I need to have a little time off so I have the competitive fire when the competition starts again. Everybody is different. You need to find that happy medium to get yourself ready.

“Plus, the downtime allows me to take care of sponsor things and get my boat order in early for the next season so I am not waiting on my new gear before the season starts again.

“For me, laying low, living life, chilling and relaxing at home help me keep the fire burning.”

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