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 Oct 27th, 2014 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Elite athletes are rarely an approachable lot. Sure, they may pose for a photo or two, but then it’s off to the rarified air they must live in away from the commoners. This is not the case with one of the most elite pro anglers on the Bassmaster Elite Series tour, Aaron Martens. The Mercury pro is not only one of the best anglers in the game, he has won the coveted Bassmaster Angler of the Year (AOY) title twice, and he is also one of the most genuine and approachable athlete/anglers the sport has ever known.

So, how does this amiable pro go about being one of the most feared anglers on tour? Well, read on and Martens will clue us in to a few secrets to winning the AOY and being a deadly pro.

Get off the couch, fat boy.

“Pre-season conditioning is a big part of my success,” said Martens. “I work really hard and smart at getting into the best physical condition I can be in before each season. I eat properly and exercise very intensely.

Two-time AOY champ Aaron Martens (Joel Shangle)

“My plan is to get into the best physical shape I can be each off season. In fact, I get into the best shape I’ve ever been before each season starts. You have to if you want to keep competing at this level as you get older.

“A lot of my competitors don’t get into conditioning. That is fine by me. Let them keep competing like that. I eat well and keep my body comfortable and fit all year.”

Get your work done.

“During the pre-season not only do I get myself into shape, but I prepare my gear for the year ahead,” said Martens. “My gear is ready for the season when I hit the road. My tackle, boat and whatever gear I need is all prepped and ready. No need to fumble around during the season.

“I barely get five hours of sleep each night during the competition season. I don’t have time to try and organize then.

“I also take the time to get my pre-fishing in on lakes I don’t know. Maybe hit a group of two or three lakes. I do what it takes to put myself into contention to win events and the AOY each year.”

Martens feels the AOY needs more promotion and value.

“The AOY title should be the biggest title in fishing,” said Martens. “It is the true championship. There should be way more hype and way more money involved. Hopefully that happens one day.”

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