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 Dec 13th, 2021 by Keith Worrall 

Modified Dec 13th, 2021 at 2:27 PM

Professional angler Ott DeFoe of Tennessee has focused intently on his YouTube channel over the past two years. The fast-growing channel features popular segments Ott’s Garage, In the Boat, JOJ, Pick 4 Baits, fishing trips with other pros, river trips in his Tracker jetboat, and adventures as a boat captain for his son Parker’s junior fishing tournaments.

DeFoe is currently ranked #2 in the BassFan World Rankings, and he may be equally as good at teaching people how to fish.

All of this content-creating effort came as Ott competed on the Bass Pro Tour, the MLF Cups, hosted the Outdoor Channel original series “The Hunt for Monster Bass,” served at his church, and helped raise three children.

“YouTube is a great place for anglers to learn and be entertained. Seeing the trend of people going there for fishing information has driven me to provide them good content that’s easy to understand where they are. My hope is anglers will learn something they can use on the water to catch fish and enjoy their experiences in God’s creation all the more,” says Ott.

Remember when DeFoe made an epic comeback at Lake Athens in Texas back in March of 2020? It’s all captured on his channel, cast by cast. Need to learn how to tie an FG Knot? DeFoe explains it on his channel. How does he set up his new boat each year? It’s all covered.

Since its inception, the channel has amassed over 266,000 hours of videos watched.In perhaps an unexpected way, fishing fans can thank the island nation of New Zealand, situated 8,209 miles away from DeFoe’s home in Tennessee, for helping the channel happen. That’s right; the “Kiwis” have a hand in the Ott DeFoe channel.

Railblaza, based in Auckland, New Zealand, came on board as a sponsor of DeFoe at the beginning of 2020, placing much of their focus on Ott’s YouTube channel. “In the Boat presented by Railblaza”
chronicles DeFoe’s Bass Pro Tour events from the time he leaves home until he is either eliminated or takes home the trophy. (Which he did three times.) Railblaza camera mounts capture the action. DeFoe and Railblaza have a long-term agreement to collaborate on products for anglers like the Tackle Caddy and brand-new line Spooling Station, with more in the works

For more information about Ott, visit www.OttDeFoe.com or his YouTube channel @OttDeFoeFishing.

For more information on Railblaza, visit www.Railblaza.com.

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