What Do Muskies REALLY Eat?

 Nov 22nd, 2021 by sworrall 

Modified Nov 22nd, 2021 at 11:38 AM

Steve Agrimson of Muskies Inc Chapter 1 forwarded us a video created by Bemidji State Masters student Kamden Glade concerning Muskie diet. Some of you may have already seen it as his research was mentioned in the Nov/Dec Muskie Magazine in a Figure 8 article. If you have not seen it please give it a look as it is worth your time. It’s especially significant because Kamden’s research scientifically confirms that walleye are, for the most part, not on the Muskie menu and it gives you a science-based tool to use at the next lake association or fisheries planning meeting to dispel misinformation regarding the myth of muskie predation on walleyes.

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