TGW and Nano Technology Transforms Hook Performance

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 Apr 13th, 2020 by Keith Worrall 

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TGW and Nano Technology Transforms Hook Performance

Tacoma, Washington (April 13, 2020) Gamakatsu USA has a reputation for producing the sharpest, strongest hooks on the planet. New Tournament Grade Wire and Nano Smooth Coat technology give “sharp” and “strong” new meaning and unimagined levels of excellence and performance. With TGW and NSC, the hook stays sharper longer. “G Finesse hooks are 20% lighter but just as strong” comments Gamakatsu spokesperson, Jeff Roberts.

Fishing with intensity, passion and knowledge that has established them as top pros, Aaron Martens and Shinichi Fukae have been singing the praises of G Finesse hooks because they give them a competitive edge. Designed and tested by bass fishing’s elite, Martens and Fukae’s livelihoods depend on being the best and using the best equipment. They wouldn’t think of going on the water without G Finesse hooks and the added advantage of TGW and NSC technology.

A hook can only be as good as the raw material you use to make it. Using a new ultra-strong material called TGW (Tournament Grade Wire), that’s thinner, stronger and sharper, Gamakatsu has been able to achieve what no other hook company has with their line of G Finesse fishing hooks. G Finesse hooks are a game-changer when every hook set counts, and they are the world’s most efficient fishing hooks.

TGW is only part of the G Finesse story. Gamakatsu’s exclusive Nano Smooth Coat finish reduces resistance for quick and failsafe hook penetration. A slicker, faster-penetrating hook surface enhances the design and material attributes of G Finesse. The combination of TGW and Gamakatsu’s innovative Nano Smooth Coat is available in a complete line of G Finesse hooks that includes trebles, drop shot, worm, stinger, wacky and finesse head versions. Expect to see these exclusive technologies applied to other new Gamakatsu G Finesse hooks and product designs soon.

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